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2 July 2021 AD

A Work in Progress

Greetings from sunny Nafpatkos!

I am now in my third day as a resident of this lovely seaside city.  Nafpaktos sits on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth, and has been controlled by multiple kingdoms over its history.  The apartment in which we are living was started by the Venetians and completed by the Turks.  The town is most famous under its Venetian name of Lepanto, and the battle of the same name was fought just to the west of here.  If you like poetry, G.K. Chesterton's "Lepanto" may be interesting to you. The poem also mentions another famous person who took part in the very not quixotic battle, and to whom a monument is dedicated in the port of Nafpaktos.

In other news, the studying is progressing well.  I met with Metropolitan Hierotheos yesterday, and he has graciously granted me further interviews to discuss Ecclesiology and the role of the Church in salvation.  Please pray that this will be a fruitful time of learning, both academic and spiritual.

I found this passage from my reading yesterday both challenging and encouraging.

“I believe it is also clear that the union of the people of God, this peculiar communion of persons is possible only “εν Χριστώ” (in Christ). It is only in Christ that we are offered the possibility of seeing what God is, both in His personal character as well as in His relationship to us. The “εν Χριστώ” is therefore the necessary presupposition of the unity of human persons in the one body of the Church. The “εν Χριστώ” means that the communion of the people of God is neither simply a humanitarian fellowship, nor even a company of believers, but is indeed the one body of the incarnate God; the body which is maintained in its integrity by the continuing presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit throughout the course of human history.”  --C. Scouteris, "The Unity of the People of God".

May God bless each of you!


Announcements for the week of June 22,  2021 

Reminder that we have returned to the Common Cup. “The Blood of Christ is offered via a “common cup” for those who desire to receive. The conscience of each believer is the best guide as to whether to receive from the cup or to receive Holy Communion in one species only.  The teaching of the Church is that the fullness of Grace in the Sacrament is not dependent upon the species in which it is received.” 

Sunday (7/9)
8 AM Rite I
10 AM Sung High Mass Rite II

Randy Sams will be hosting a Bags Tournament on July 24th at Crossties Event Center.  Registration is $130 for one two-person team or $250 for two teams.  Please see Larry Oxford or Fr. Halt to register.  Deadline is 14 July.  The flyer for this event can be found here.

For July the DOK will be collecting for Randy Sams: toothpaste/toothbrush, soaps, deodorant, shampoo, razors, combs, floss

Save the dates:

St. James' Day and Homecoming: September 12.  Save the Date!

Confirmation/Enquirer's Class will begin on September 19th at 9AM.  Please contact Fr. Halt if you are interested in confirmation.

The installation service for Fr. Halt at Rector of St. James is scheduled for October 17th at 10AM. There will be only one service this day.

Fr. Dave and Amy will be traveling from 6-31 July.  Father is spending a large portion of this time working on his Ph.D. dissertation.  He will be posting updates on Facebook while he is away.

We have a new online public calendar of events that can be viewed here.
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