Asking For Your Vote

Hey Friends,

Ritual has entered a fun design contest through our Valencia Street neighbors and friends Fellow Products for their beautiful new hot drink vessel the Carter Everywhere Mug, and it was announced on Friday that we made it to the finals! 


Now they've opened up voting to the public and the stakes are high. The winner will be given a $5,000 credit to produce a large custom run of these gorgeous vessels – a substantial prize for a scrappy small business like Ritual! 

All you have to do is vote for our Rosie The Riveter inspired design here – it will only take a few seconds, we promise. But do so quickly! Voting ends TONIGHT, Monday, May 11th at 11:59 pm PST.

What Inspired This?

We commissioned our friend (and highly accomplished illustrator) Chris Koehler, to recreate a “Ritualized” version of the iconic Rosie The Riveter character, in order to pay homage to the relentless efforts our dedicated team of women roasters and baristas have put forth over the past 15 years, and especially the last nine weeks. 


The historic image that inspires our design has meant many things to many people over the last eight decades, to us it symbolizes female strength and empowerment. Of course, our version of this beloved feminist idol holds a coffee portafilter along with a classic Ritual logo mug, and wears a beanie instead of a bandana. 


So, here’s to our faithful Ritual café and Roastery teams! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication and for inspiring the “We Can Do It!” spirit in us all! Ritual is nothing without YOU!



To learn more about the history of Rosie The Riveter, visit

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