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Hi All!

Eileen here.

I’m writing to you today to share that Ritual on Valencia is now Ritual Coffee + General Store, where we are selling essential goods from local small businesses we love!

In conjunction with the launch of the store, Order Ahead is now live! Meaning use this nifty Square feature to order your coffee and other stuff, so all you have to do is pickup.

Here are some of the small businesses whose goods we are stocking during this time:

Clover Organic Milk 

Dandelion Chocolate: bars and hot chocolate mix 

Little Apple Treats: caramels that are to die for!

Firebrand Artisan Breads: Loaves of bread & pastries

Black Jet Baking Co: packs of cookies & frozen cookie dough to bake off at home 

Can Can Cleanse: Soups & Juices

Le Dix-Sept Patisserie: Focaccia and Brioche 

Etta + Billie: fancy soap (all this time hand washing, we might as well enjoy it!) 

Sea Forager: sustainable seafood CSA (order by Monday for pickup Wednesday)

Order Ahead at Ritual Coffee + General Store

A little historical context

When I look back on how I came to be a small business owner, it’s hard to believe that I ever imagined being anything else (I was debating between being a doctor and a professor of Religious Studies when I took my first job in coffee). Now it’s obvious to me that I was passionate about small business long before I ever discovered coffee. 

I grew up working in my sister’s gourmet food store, the Rye Country Store, in Rye, NY.  My first job, when I was ten, was bagging candy. I had an array of 1o lb boxes of candy, and I had to weigh the candy out and bag them into pretty little cellophane bags.  She paid me in candy.

When I was 13 or so, I started working for her in earnest, over summer vacations.  She put me behind the counter, but the deli cases were taller than I was, so that didn’t last long.  I spent a day peeling carrots and apples in the kitchen, but the cooks all made so much fun of me for how slow I was that that didn’t last either.  After a couple of weeks, I found my place. I became her bookkeeper. 

Here’s my sister Claire at her shop
The Rye Country Store has been operating continuously since the 1940s.  My sister is the third owner, and she took it over in 1987 or so. It’s the kind of old school place where you walk in, tell the person behind the counter what you want and they bill you at the end of the month. Some people come in for deli sandwiches daily, other people call in and have dinner delivered to them.  She does complete Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of families!

While we won’t offer the vast array you’d find at a *true* general store like Rye Country Store (she carries over a thousand unique items!), we will be offering you a carefully curated assortment of my favorite things made by people we know. Goods that will help feed your soul during this stressful time.

Another amazing bit of history is that 1026 Valencia Street was actually a General Store for most of its existence!

Here is a picture of the grandfather of our current landlord, Brizio Pelfini, at the Ford Market in 1920 or so. I’ve met the family who ran it more as a corner store in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The kids grew up there, they lived in the back, over the refrigerator cases. For a short time before we opened 15 years ago, it was a furniture store. 

So now, in this time, 1026 Valencia and I are both going back to our roots for a bit.

If you are a maker in the Bay Area, and think your goods would make a good fit for an iconic coffee bar and now general store, we’d love to hear from you.

And for those of you who are in Westchester County, New York, or who have loved ones who are, pick up the phone and call my sister to place an order: 914-967-3450.  She makes the best comfort food -- I wish I could be eating it daily right now! Tell her that her little sister sent you.


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Until we meet again friends,

Eileen Rinaldi and Team Ritual
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