Headed home for the holidays? 
Here’s something you can talk about other than “quid pro quo.”
Jazz up the whole table with these “centerpiece worthy” offerings!
Santos Alexis Dominguez’ Las Manos from Honduras
Or have you tried our Cáscara?

It’s an infusion made from the fruit of coffee cherries, with a refreshingly floral and snappy tea-like quality. And it comes in a fetching and giftable reusable jar, perfect for bringing to Aunt Trudy’s Turkey Day Extravaganza!
Cáscara: Mellow and unusual, it sure beats a can of cranberry sauce! And the perfect excuse to talk about something other than politics.
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BONUS! While supplies last, get a copy of our Honduras 2019 adventure comic book with every order!
Look out for our incredible “Black Coffee Monday” Sale on December 2nd, with hella sweet discounts, free shipping, free bonus gifts, and chances to win a year of free coffee delivered right to your doorstep! Or you could just buy tube socks... 

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