December 2, 2014
Reference: Call for Nominations to AAI's Executive Board

Dear AIESEC Alumni,

With this communication, we are calling for submissions by candidates who wish to stand for election to AAI's Executive Board.  Elections for these important leadership positions will be held in April, 2015 in Porto, Portugal at the next AIESEC Alumni International Congress (AAIC).

AAI is at a critical point of inflection as we execute the AAI Transformation Project, roll out AlumNet and seek to engage hundreds of thousands to alums in an active global online network.  We are actively seeking strong talent to step forward and help us lead this effort, and urge you to consider joining us.

We have posted the Plans and Procedures for the Nominations and Elections for 2105 on the AAI Website at They incorporate the changes recently approved by AAI's membership.

We encourage all qualified alumni with leadership skills and relevant experience to consider standing for election to AAI's Executive Board.  If you are not a candidate but know qualified individuals who might consider this opportunity, we encourage you to refer them to the Nominating Committee by sending their contact information to  The NomCom will follow up with each of them.

Please review the Procedures carefully if you are interested in applying.

Candidates must submit their applications at

References must submit their recommendations at

The important dates for nominations and elections are:
·         December 1, 2014  - the Call for Submissions and References is issued
·         January 24, 2015  - the Closing Date for Submissions and References
·         February 28, 2015  - the NomCom decides on Recommendations for Election 
·         April 11, 2015 - the 2015 AAI Elections for EB members held at the AAIC in Porto

We urge all candidates to pay close attention to the following sections found in the Procedures:

5) c.  AAI provides a link for the Submission to be used by candidates only. If you would like to refer a candidate to AAI, please send them this link:

5) d. The following information must be sent by each candidate in order to be considered for nomination:
  1. Your name, nationality, residence and occupation
  2. Your AIESEC student and AIESEC alumni experience at local, national, regional and international levels
  3. Your professional career profile demonstrating leadership experience, managerial acumen and teamwork
  4. Your vision or dream for AAI including 2-3 things you would like to work on as an EB member
  5. Your commitment and willingness to plan and execute with little supervision, confirming a) you are willing and able to undertake specific responsibility for developing, implementing and overseeing specific functions and b) you expect to be able to attend two in-person meetings per year and participate in monthly teleconferences
  6. Two references from members of AAI or leaders of regional or national alumni associations
  7. Links to your social media profiles if desired
  8. Your contact details and those of your recommenders [for use by the NomCom only]
  9. Statement by the candidate that attests to the accuracy of all information provided, that you accept the candidature, and that information about your candidacy may be shared publicly by AAI.
5) e. Each candidate must provide two qualified references along with their application. Each reference must go to the Form to be completed by references at   It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that references are submitted on time.

Please see Section 6 of the Procedures for information on the Review and Validation of Candidates.

I urge you to help us identify and recruit the leadership that we need in order to achieve our goals.  We are excited to have new team members join the EB in 2015, and looking forward to seeing a strong group of talented individuals step forward to help lead the AAI Transformation Project.  

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Andrew G. Rowe, President
On behalf of the Executive Board
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