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DFR eZine Issue #29
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Moments that Matter: Leave the Camera Behind

Dave and Donalyn recently returned from a trip to Israel, but Donalyn didn't take any pictures?! 

It turns out that Donalyn intentionally avoided taking pictures. She did this because she didn't want to miss anything. I thought about it and realized she was right! 
facebook  keeps reminding me of this when it shows me pictures from 4-5 years ago. As much as I love being reminded of those moments I wonder where in the world the last 4 years have gone.
It’s a little scary .
So I ask myself what kind of things I can do in my day-to-day life that are the equivalent of leaving the camera behind .
I think that the biggest thing is to simply pay attention  to every moment, be present and appreciate where I am, exactly when I am there. That’s easier said than done when I’m racing from one event to the other, but if I keep this concept at the forefront of my mind my memories are … memories, instead of moments I don’t remember ever happening. To me that is the difference between nostalgia and regret, do I remember actually being there?
This same principal applies to our marriages, even more so in fact. We need to pay attention  to each other, EVERY day. Taking the time to appreciate each other’s presence, otherwise our lives and marriages coast along and even drift apart  and we wonder how we got where we are.
This month’s collection is to help you pay attention and create those moments in simple and straight forward ways – giving you the opportunity to be intentional and secure about where your marriage is going and to know that you will look back on every day of your life with joy. 
Doing Family Right's goal is to help you maximize your marriage and family - in the moments that matter .
David McVety
Assistant Director @ Doing Family Right
"Your marriage and family are always worth the effort!"

Podcast #26:
"Moments that Matter: 4 Key Times That Connect You for Life"

Join our hosts Mary Jane and Wayne Dahl as they talk with Dr. Dave discuss the 4 moments of your day that will make all the difference to your marriage. 

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