SUPPORT SWIFT STAFF⎥Friday, February 5 · 7:45AM

This week Chicago Public Schools announced that within the next 30 days over 1,000 educators will be laid off in addition to pay cuts that will impact all teachers in Chicago. The morale at Swift has been palpable and we want to do what we can to encourage and support our teachers. So...we need you to wear red, make a sign and show up at Swift this Friday at 7:45AM to support our teachers!

Every Friday teachers across Chicago wear red in solidarity with the Chicago Teacher's Union. This Friday there is no school for students but teachers will still be working. Swift teachers have a meeting at 8AM in the school's library on the 2nd floor. As many of us as possible will arrive by 7:45AM, wearing red and lining the hall to the library, holding signs that say "We believe in you," "Swift teachers are the best," "You are not alone!" "We love our teachers" etc. Friends of Swift will be providing pastries and coffee for the entire staff, but more than food, we want them to see us - their neighbors, their families, their community and their students - supporting them! What do you say?! Will you wear red, make a sign and join us at Swift School at 7:45AM this Friday?!!! We hope so! Click HERE to see this Facebook event.

MOVIE NIGHT + VALENTINE'S DANCE⎥Friday, February 5 · 5:30PM

This Friday night, Friends of Swift is opening up the auditorium for a family movie night! On that same evening, we're also hosting a Middle School Valentine's Dance in the cafeteria. Donations will be collected at the door and all proceeds from concession sales will go to the next phase in the auditorium renovation process - getting new chairs and carpet! Both the Movie and Dance start at 7PM but we need a team of volunteers to arrive by 5:30PM to help set up concessions, provide security and decorate the cafeteria. If you are interested and available to volunteer with either event please email Krista Taylor. We'd love to see everyone be a part of this fun evening! 

WHAT'S NEXT AT SWIFT?⎥Replacing the Chairs and Carpet!

If you haven't been inside Swift's auditorium recently, you definitely need to check it out. The pink walls and curtains are gone, with a new paint job and beautiful blue curtains installed over the windows and on the stage. Our first phase of renovation is completed!  But our next phase is just as important - new chairs and new carpet. The bid for this job is $96,000. Currently Friends of Swift has approximately $62,000 in the bank. Would you like to give a donation to help us raise the additional $34,000 we need? If so email to find out how you can give today!
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