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 The Beautiful Foundation USA 2015
"Toward Change Leadership Award" Recipient 

America Wheat Mission (뉴저지 밀알 선교단)
Congratulations! Thank you for all your hard work!

Representative : Rev. Wonho Kang, 
President of America Wheat Mission of NJ

In 1979, America Wheat Mission was established in order to educate the community and the society of current issues for people with special needs. In October of 1994, the America Wheat Mission in the United States and the Wheat Mission branch in Korea collaborated with a vision to make a difference in Korean-American communities. Currently, the main head quarters are established in over 22 countries, 70 stations world-wide including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, England, and Russia.

The current president of the Wheat Mission in New Jersey is Rev. Won Ho Kang who was appointed on January 1, 2000. Currently, total of 140 volunteers and 150 contributors are involved in our local branch in New Jersey, including 110 members with special needs.

Milal is a sign of hope to the wider world of the essential values of the heart through serving people with special needs and restoring basic human rights, justice, and equality. Our organization is to outreach to Korean American community of those with disabilities through evangelism, to serve those with disabilities to improve their difficult living condition (service), to improve awareness on issues of those with disabilities (enlightenment).

Milal Vision: Our vision is to create safe and healthy community to Korean American with physical and/or developmental disabilities.
1. Formulate Theology of Disability for educational missions for churches, seminaries, community,
2. Establish and implant community for people with special needs in local churches.
3. Develop Milal community and missions in 1,000 different locations around the world.
4. Administer and substantiate scholarships for ministers and training in disability service and ministry.
5. Establish Milal community for the disabled by developing group homes for the people with disabilities.

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    Meetings & Events

Gala Co-Chairs Meeting
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
6:30pm @ BFUSA Office 

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
6:30pm @ BFUSA Office
Nanum Circle Meeting
Friday, April 24, 2015
12pm @ BFUSA Office
Board of Directors

Jason Chon, Chair
John Kim, Vice Chair
Judy Chang, Secretary
James Cho
Bum Sung Han
Peter Hwang
Soon Kil Jang
Christine Jo
Yongkeun Joh
Ki Young Kim
Young Gil Kim
Kevin Lee
Jong B. Lim
Stephen Oh
Yeong S. Shim

Jenny Joo, Office Manager
Eunie Kim, Program Manager
Soo Hyun Noh, Program Fellow
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