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In September this year South Africa’s Constitutional Court ruled that the personal use of dagga would no longer be considered a criminal offence. While some rejoiced others looked to the ambiguity of the ruling as a potential issue. Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo did not specify the amount of marijuana a person could possess nor was there clarity on the definition of ‘personal use’. Suddenly employers did not know where they stood in terms of cannabis being used in the workplace or employees working under the influence of cannabis. In this edition we look at how the recent judgement to legalise the personal use of cannabis affects the workplace, employers and employees and find out why it’s critical for employers to establish a culture of zero tolerance towards any substance abuse in their company. We also look at how AJ Broom’s innovative range of roading solutions products can help solve one of the biggest problems on South African roads, potholes.
Tough stuff that works

A.J. Broom Road Products offers well researched and tested quality road maintenance solutions that are innovative, environmentally friendly, permanent as well as being cost and time effective. Its BRP Road Patch is a permanent pothole repair solution, as it prevents the ingress of water and the spread of deterioration. Sealing 100mm beyond any visible defects eliminates perimeter cracking and hidden stress cracks thereby ultimately reducing rework.

Cannabis in the workplace 

Since the legalisation of the possession and use of cannabis for private purposes by the Constitutional Court, many concerns have been raised about what this would mean in the workplace. Employers want to know how they will ensure people do not come to work under the influence of cannabis, while employees fear they could be subjected to unsafe and unwarranted behaviour from colleagues who may blame the legal use of cannabis at home as the catalyst. Employers must ensure they have policies and procedures in place to ensure employees are sober at work.

Global insurers pulling out of coal mining

With rising concerns about global warming and a push toward ethical underwriting, mining companies operating in today’s landscape are facing a unique set of insurance challenges. While the two-year withdrawal period will put greater pressure on mining and power generation organisations globally, Aon South Africa does not foresee any major changes in the local market which is still largely reliant on coal, and any changes locally are likely to be very slow.

Miners welcome budget statement

Surface mining association, Aspasa, welcomes the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement’s (MTBPS) that aims to contain expenditure and implement meaningful reforms aimed at achieving sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Aspasa director, Nico Pienaar, says the economy is going through a particularly challenging time and the association welcomes Government’s initiatives to contain expenditure and contain costs without putting additional strain on the country’s economic framework.

Epiroc Drilling Solutions invests in asI mining

Epiroc Drilling Solutions a leading productivity partner for the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries, has acquired part of ASI Mining, a U.S.-based company that provides technology solutions for the autonomous operation of mining vehicles. Epiroc has acquired 34 percent of ASI Mining, which is based in Mendon, Utah, United States, and is a subsidiary of Autonomous Solutions Inc.

Breakthrough in copper recoveries from FLSmidth

In an effort to improve leach kinetics and recoveries of primary copper concentrates, minerals process solutions provider FLSmidth developed the Rapid Oxidative Leach (ROL) process – capable of attaining over 97 percent copper dissolution in less than six hours under atmospheric conditions. This advance is particularly significant as the life cycle of many copper orebodies sees the mineralogy transitioning from oxides to secondary and primary sulphides, which have decreasing ore grades and are more difficult to process.

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