Monthly news from Driving Sounds including a preview article from the next issue and a very big prize draw

September - Sound News

The new look Driving Sounds Club newsletter seems to have gone down well and I have received much positive feedback. This brings me great joy as any club membership is always much more enjoyable when members share their own thoughts and experiences. Don't forget you can contact me on to share anything music or car audio related which you think may enhance membership for others.
This month we offer you a sneaky-peek at the bare bones of what will become a two page review in the next issue of a FOUR MASTER Hertz Audio Joy system that we believe will prove extremely popular. It is well-priced and offers a cracking alternative to overpriced, under performing tick box upgrades from any car manufacturer and with Christmas just around the corner........ Alternatively, we are offering the system installed free of charge into one lucky club members car - See below for details. 

Club Member Feedback

Last month I posed the question; "Could there be a future where meaningful music classification becomes impossible?" I received the following response from club member, Stuart Bonell; "It has been for a long time; at least in HMV and the record shops and radio stations in the US who take it to extremes.  The limitations of a few arbitrary genres has always meant that browsing in the physical world like this has been very unsatisfying and pointless. Granted, the possibility of limitless virtual genres makes it more possible, but who creates the set of genres and does the classification?  Its just silly.  I believe genres are for collectors and pedants, not music fans.  Check out Late Junction on Radio 3 if you need an antidote. Grouping by similarity of audience is the only reasonably meaningful approach that works for me right now (e.g. Amazon, Spotify)"
Thank you Stuart. A pristine copy of Driving Sounds Magazine Issue 3, is on it's way to you by way of appreciation of your contribution. Any other club members who would like to add anything are invited to email on


Top Five Driving Sounds 

This month, we bring you the top five tunes of club member; Andy O'Shay. He caught up with us at CarFest and entered our competition to win the system featured in our BMW 1-series demonstrator - I am sending a seasonally inappropriate Audison baseball cap to Andy to wear while snow-boarding this winter! Why not send your own top five in for consideration and get a free copy of Driving Sounds Magazine or an inappropriate item (i.e. broken pen, chipped mug, mankini, womankini etc.) email me:
Texas - Chris Rea
Cry Like a Rainstorm - Linda Ronstadt
Stand My Ground - Within Temptation
Walkin' Man - Seasick Steve
As It Fades - VNV Nation

Techie Bit 

This month we muse on the subject of audio power and the Watt. This highly important unit of measurement has in recent years, been highjacked by unscrupulous marketers  and abused to the extent that no one is particularly clear on what a Watt is anymore or what variety of Watt they should be looking for when considering an audio purchase (see Watt I did there?). Our brief blog on this subject aims to bring some clarity to the subject. Click here ( or on the image above to read it.


Driving Sounds Issue 4 

This month's preview is of what will become a 2-page review of an Audio Joy system featuring current Hertz Energy, Dieci and HCP components. You can follow this link here ( to see how the piece is developing or click on the image above. It is in an early form so far.
We have been offered this system to be installed free of charge by a FOUR MASTER to a lucky club member's car! - The only proviso is that I get to feature the car in the next issue - see below for more details.

Final Thoughts and Exclusive Member Prize Draw!!!!!!

Do we or don't we turn the heating on yet? On the back of a winter with average temperatures of 3.3 degrees celsius, who is reaching for the thermostat when the temperature in your living room is still around 18 degrees? A commercial air conditioning engineer told me that his customers tend to demand 18 degrees inside temperature on a hot sunny day yet more like 24 when it is cold outside. I think a similar thing happens with the volume control in a car. Although my preferred listening level depends largely on mood and circumstance, in a car with good audio I tend to fiddle a lot less with the volume control than when I am driving a car with a factory system in it - Discuss!

To end this month we have the superb full Audio Joy system as featured in our Driving Sounds Issue 4 update above, to give away to a lucky club member! All you need to do to enter is email me your name, address, car make, model and year to go enter this fantastic prize draw. The system will be installed into your car by your local FOUR MASTER free of charge although you will be charged for materials, accessories, cables and any custom fabrication required at their discretion. I will feature the winner's car, with system installed, in issue four of Driving Sounds Magazine. This prize draw is open to any car owner currently resident in Great Britain and the winner will be announced in the November issue of this monthly news bulletin.   
enter by email:

How's that for a finale huh?
See you next month