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SQM Research Ratings Update - Monday  8th December 2014
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SQM Research Expands Its Ratings Reach to Fixed Income and Alternative Funds 

- Q and A About Our Recent Expansion

SQM Research recently announced that we will be broadening our horizons to include Fixed Income and Alternative Funds in our Ratings Research Reviews with welcome reception and we are excited to already have managers confirm to be rated by us in this space. Naturally, this has posed several questions for managers and advisers alike, which we have answered below.
Who will be in charge of the various asset classes?

As recently announced, SQM Research has appointed Rob da Silva to Head of Research - Fixed Income and Alternatives. Louis Christopher will continue his duties as Head of Research for Real Estate and Infrastructure. 

Which Asset Classes will we cover?
Global reviews
  • Global Property Securities including emerging property securities markets
  • Global Infrastructure Securities including emerging infrastructure securities markets
  • Global Fixed Income
  • Global Alternatives
Domestic Reviews
  • Domestic AREIT Funds
  • Domestic Infrastructure
  • Direct Property
  • Domestic Fixed Income
  • Domestic Alternatives
What is the Review Schedule for 2015?
At this present time, we are able to put forward an approximate outline for our review Schedule for 2015, for which we will be covering the following asset classes: Fixed Income, Alternatives, Global Property Securities including Emerging Property Securities markets, Global Infrastructure Securities including Emerging Infrastructure Securities markets -
  • November/December 2014 – Invitations sent to potential managers
  • Late December 2014 – Questionnaires sent to confirmed managers
  • February 2015 – Responses returned to SQM Research
  • February/March 2015 – Interviews conducted
  • June – Draft reports issued to confirmed managers, and then final reports and ratings published
*note - SQM Research may well release our Fixed Income and Alternatives review ahead of schedule.
Will Fund Managers be charged for a rating with SQM Research?
Yes, SQM Research will continue to follow its pay for rating model, however we are pleased to announce that ratings will be charged at an extremely competitively priced flat fee.
Will our Ratings Methodology change?
No, SQM Research’s five star ratings methodology will remain as is, however we will be releasing some detailed clarification on this soon, for those fund managers who are not familiar with it.
As an adviser, how do you subscribe to our research?
All of SQM Research Reports are and will be available via our easy to use online subscription, for a inordinately low price. Follow the link below to find more information on this –
What will this new expansion mean for SQM Research’s Residential Property Data business?
There will be no impact to this particular division of the business. Indeed, if anything, we believe that our residential property data is an instrumental tool that will be increasingly sought by the adviser community.

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