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SQM Research Ratings Update
December 2020
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Capital v Income: Careful What You Wish For
by Rob da Silva, Head of Research

The unrelenting search for yield continues unabated. In a world where cash rates are essentially zero or negative in most developed economies investors are finding it increasingly difficult to find the income they need from their investments. The lack of conventional sources has seen a meaningful migration of retail money towards less traditional sources – up the risk spectrum to high yield and income focused equity strategies, direct property, direct lending, and a tropical fruit salad (i.e., wide variety) of alternatives strategies.
For investors on this journey, we think it is helpful to point out the difference between income and distributions. In the managed fund world, they are not the same thing. Investors should not think that the cash flow coming to them from managed funds is essentially income as typically understood i.e., dividends, coupons, interest and so on. It might be, but it varies widely. For example, high distributions may reflect strong realized capital gains that are being paid out. That is fine in the sense that you can still feed your family on distributions whether they are capital gains or income. BUT they have different tax consequences and different reliability profiles. Capital gains might by lumpy and not always there when you need them. The taxes imposed on those gains may be coming at an inopportune time and/or be a material drag on outcomes.
Nevertheless, folks are attracted to high distributions regardless of the makeup so we thought we would investigate the topic a little.
We have taken a look at 77 funds across 7 categories as listed below:

   1. Equity Australia Large Growth
   2. Equity Australia Large Blend
   3. Equity Australia Large Value
   4. Equity Australia Derivative Income
   5. High Yield Credit
   6. Australian Short Term Fixed Interest
   7. Bonds - Australia
The chart below shows (no surprise!) that Growth has outperformed Value and the more agnostic Blend category. Value has in fact been half (or lower) the returns of Growth both over 3 and 5 years. Equity Derivative Income has done about as poorly as Value while the Fixed Income Sectors are a little lower again.

From an Income (i.e., distribution cash flow) the results look like this:

The positions for the equity categories are somewhat reversed i.e., Equity Derivative Income the best, followed by Value, then Blend and finally, Growth.
Income-hunters will find this interesting – however our last chart provides a twist in the tale.

The higher “income” comes at the cost of poor capital returns – extremely poor. Only the Growth category escapes this conundrum. It appears that chasing income comes at the cost of growth opportunities – and that cost can be considerable. Of course, the focus on income naturally intertwines itself with the value factor, which has been underperforming severely for many years now. This may not always be the case in the future.
Nevertheless, those who are interested in income strategies should at least be aware of and consider the effects of the trade-off with capital returns (and so total outcomes).
And finally... from the entire team at SQM Research we wish our clients, readers, colleagues, family, and friends the very best for Christmas and look forward to a much-improved New Year.


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