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SQM Research Ratings Update - Monday 14th March, 2016
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Two Sleeps to go!!!


AN AFTERNOON OF PROPERTY with Stephen Koukoulas, “The Kouk” is being held on Wednesday, March 16th 2016 in the Heritage Ballroom, Westin Hotel, Sydney.  

Our guest presenter, Stephen Koukoulas will provide an economic update and how that translates to the property sector and your business. He is one of Australia's leading economic visionaries, past Chief Economist of Citibank, heading global research in London for TD and Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister.

The line up for the afternoon includes:

 1. An objective outlook on real estate sub-sectors:
     - AREITS
     - GREITS
     - Infrastructure
     - Direct Property
     - Mortgage Trusts
     - Residential Property

2. Best performing managers and best rated managers in each real estate sector.

3. Our guest speaker panel discussion Q&A with:
     - Winston Sammut - Folkestone
     - Marco Colantonio – Resolution
     - Chris Andrews - La Trobe Financial
     - Gerald Stack - Magellan
     - Chris Smith - Australian Unity

4. Housing and Economic Outlook.

Louis Christopher will lead the industry experts to share their insights across the property sectors.

It includes lunch, afternoon tea, drinks and nibbles and CPD points (historically 4.5 points). 

Registrations are limited, and going quickly!!! To register for the event, please click 

SQM Research Ratings Update

With - Rob da Silva

SQM Research today released three equity reviews. 

The Plato Global Shares Income Fund

The Plato Global Shares Income Fund seeks to capture alpha through an active, systematic and quantitative approach to the stock selection process. The Fund also aims to acquire dividend income for its investors by targeting dividend paying stocks. The strategy is managed from the perspective of a zero tax investor, with minimal regard placed on portfolio turnover given the underlying assumption that capital gains tax and income tax are at zero or low rates in investors hands. This is a direct result of the Funds targeted investor base, composed largely of individuals in pension phase, pension funds, charities and other institutions placed in zero or low tax brackets in Australia.

The investable universe consists of all stocks present in the MSCI World ex Australia IMI index. The Fund also invests in futures for cash flow and exposure management purposes where necessary.

The Fund has achieved a rating of 4¼ stars.

Invesco Wholesale Senior Secured Income Fund 

Invesco Ltd is a publicly owned company whose shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. With USD $775.6 billion in assets under management, (as at 12 January 2016), Invesco operates in over 20 countries and has over 6,000 staff including 750-plus investment professionals. In summary, the Invesco Wholesale Senior Secured Income Fund is a Fixed Income fund offering a broad range of high yield senior, secured loans to non-investment grade corporations domiciled in the US or Europe. The Fund aims to provide its investors with regular income after fees above the Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill Index. The Fund employs a diverse investment and risk management process, utilising rating systems and quantitative tools along with bottom-up and top-down principles.

The Fund has achieved a rating of 4.00 stars.

Pengana Global Small Companies Fund

The Pengana Global Small Companies Fund (the Fund) is a concentrated, value-oriented, bottom-up fundamental global equity strategy focussing on small to mid capitalisation stocks. It is structured as an open-ended unlisted registered managed investment scheme.

The Fund invests principally in small and mid capitalisation listed (or soon to be listed) global equities – a total universe of approximately 50,000 securities.

The Fund has achieved a rating of 4.00 stars.

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About SQM Research
SQM Research Pty Ltd is an independent investment ratings and forecasting research house covering all asset classes. SQM Research also supplies residential property data and property related reports and guidance to financial institutions, property developers and real estate investors.
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Research Methodology

In general, the assessment approach adopted by SQM Research incorporates a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to assess property investment products.
Information generated is passed through the SQM Research assessment model at the completion of the assessment process. The assessment model generates a product score, which correlates to a specific star rating (out of a maximum of five stars). Each star rating covers a scoring range, allowing products to be ranked within quarter star increments.
Following are descriptions for each of the star ratings, which have been developed as a guide for dealer group research teams and investment committees:

4.5 stars and above – Outstanding. Highly suitable for inclusion on APLs.
4 stars to 4.25 stars – Superior. Suitable for inclusion on most APLs.
3.75 stars – Favourable. Consider for APL inclusion.
3.5 stars – Acceptable. Consider for APL inclusion, subject to advice restrictions.
3.25 stars – Caution required. Not suitable for most APLs.
3 stars – Strong caution required. Not suitable for most APLs.
Below 3 stars – Avoid or redeem. Unapproved.
Hold – The rating is currently suspended until SQM Research receives further information. A rating is typically put on hold for a period of 2 days to 4 weeks.
Withdrawn – The rating is no longer applicable.
Significant issues have arisen, and investors should avoid or redeem units in the fund.

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