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Implique-toi dans les projets d'éducation par les pairs d'IFMSA-Québec!

IFMSA-Québec offre de multiples projets d'éducation dans les écoles pour pouvoir t'impliquer au sein de ta communauté. Que tu sois intéressé.e par l'estime de soi et l'image corporelle, la santé mentale ou sexuelle, ou même les changements climatiques, il te sera possible de transmettre aux plus jeunes tes connaissances! 

Chaque projet nécessite la participation à une journée de formation. Les présentations se font sur base volontaire au cours de l'année et ne demandent pas beaucoup de temps! Ne manque pas les formations qui se tiendront dan ton université!

Sexperts - Faites de l'éducation à la sexualité auprès d'élèves du secondaire
La formation (en anglais) se tiendra les 2 et 8 novembre (en 2 parties) à l'Université McGill. Plus d'informations ici. 

Tache de le voir - Travaillez à la prévetion du cancer de la peau et encouragez les pratiques saines reliées à l'exposition au soleil
Une formation (en français) se tiendra le 21 octobre à l'Université de Montréal à 9h. Plus d'informations ici.
Une formation se tiendra à l'Université Laval (Québec). Plus d'information bientôt!

Fiers et en forme -  Encouragez une image corporelle positive et l'estime de soi ainsi qu'un mode de vie sain
Plus d'informations à venir! &

Curieux Mangeurs - Sensibilisez les enfants à l'importance d'une saine alimentation
Plus d'informations à venir! &

Pour toute question, n'hésite pas à contacter notre Directeur des projets, Jian Feng Sun, à

Get involved in IFMSA-Québec's peer-education projects!

IFMSA-Québec offers multiple education projects in schools for you to get involved in your community. Whether you are interested in self-esteem and body image, mental health, sexual health or even climate change and health, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with students in elementary or secondary school! 

Each project requires the participation to a training. The presentations in schools are organized on a voluntary basis throughout the year and are usually not very time-consuming! Don't miss the training at your university!


Sexperts - Sexual education in High Schools
Training (English) on novembre 2nd and 8th (2 parts) at McGill University. More information here. 

Spot it - Prevent skin cancer and encourage healthy practices related to sun exposition
Training (French) on October 21st at Université de Montréal at 9am. More information here.
Training (French) at Laval University (Quebec City). More information to come soon.

Healthy and Proud -  Encourage a positive body image and self-esteem as well as a healthy lifestyle
More information soon! &

Curious Eaters - Raise awareness on the importance of a healthy nutrition in elementary schools
More information soon! &

Questions? Feel free to contact our Projects Director, Jian Feng Sun, at

Bonbons Bons Dons - Implique-toi!

Chaque année, de nombreux étudiants en médecine du Québec déguisés en zombies participent à Bonbons Bons Dons. Parcourant les rues le soir de l'Halloween, ils sensibilisent la population au don d'organes. Cette année, nous compterons parmi nous des étudiants de d'autres programmes universitaires et de cégeps!

Des formations se tiendront sur tous les campus de médecine! Soyez des notres pour cette activité, c'est à ne pas manquer!


Zombies Hungry for Organs - Get involved!

Every year, many medical students of Quebec dressed as zombies participate to the Zombies Hungry for Organs campaign (Bonbons Bons Dons). Walking the streets on Halloween, they raise awareness about organ donation. This year, we will be having with us students from different university programs and from cegeps!

Trainings will be held on every medical campus of Quebec! Take part in the activity of the season you don't want to miss! 



Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH)


Every year, more than 600 people from more than 30 countries gather in Canada for the Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH).  Practitioners, researchers, educators, students, policy makers and community mobilizers come to share their knowledge and experience and find new ways to work together. The event will take place in Ottawa from October 29th to October 31st.

For more information, visite the website.

Global Child Health 5 À 7


Don't miss the Global Child Health a 5 à 7 evening held on November 10th, 2017 at the Thomson House, McGill. 

Dr. Jennifer Kasper, a Pediatrician with the Division of Global Health, Massachusetts General Hospital and Board Member of Doctors for Global Health (DGH) will be presenting “My Journey in Global Health: Discovery, Discernment, Directions.” This keynote address will be followed by a networking session among students, health care professionals, and groups involved in Global Health in Montreal. 

This event is designed to allow students and professionals to learn about different Global Health opportunities in Montreal, and for Global Health groups to recruit and network together. 

To register, please sign up here.



Call for Task Force on United Nations

[DL October 24th 2017, 23:59 GMT]

IFMSA is recruiting for its Task Force on United Nations. The UN Task Force is also responsible to ensure meaningful representation and inclusion in UN General Assembly, ECOSOC and relevant UN youth platforms.  

Description. The IFMSA have during the last decenniums gained an increased role in shaping global health through policy design, implementation, review and monitoring. Our members have expressed enhanced interest to contribute to this responsibility of the Federation. The Team of Officials’ (TO) Liaisons Officers (LOs) have limited resources to fulfill this mandate and this Task Force thereby aims to ensure best possible outcome of our involvement in the United Nations.  


  • Mobilise and build capacity: mobilise the Federation’s members and build their capacity in understanding and taking actions within international policy design, implementation, review and monitoring.

  • Establish the Federation’s priorities: facilitate consultations and through the Federation’s policies create UN processes position papers and strategies of IFMSA.

  • Policy design: influence UN policy design, implementation, monitoring and review based upon the created UN processes, IFMSA position papers and strategies.

  • Visibility: ensure positive visibility of IFMSA within relevant channels in the UN.

  • Policy implementation: ensure that IFMSA implements its UN policy commitments through internal activities and actions by the Federation.

  • Policy review and monitoring: review and monitor IFMSAs implementation of UN policy commitments

  • The work and activities related to the UN agency WHO are outside and not included in the UN TF

To apply. The following documents must be submitted according to deadline to

  1. A relevant curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum).

  2. A motivation letter expressing your interest to join the task force  and the position that you would like to apply for  (1 page maximum).

  3. A candidature form signed and stamped by the President of the candidate’s National Member Organization. (See attached) If the candidate is the NMO President the confirmation must be signed by a suitable alternative NMO board member.

Note: Please write in the Candidature Form the position you are applying for from the composition listed below in the UN Task Force Section.

Please use the following code for the subject of the email:

  • United Nations Task Force: [TF UN]

Please refer to the Handbook for more information on IFMSA Task Forces and their work. You can also find more information about the UN Task Force here and here

Call for IFMSA Representatives: Amsterdam Youth Force (AYF)

[DL October 29th 2017, 23:59 GMT]

IFMSA is opening the call to select a set of motivated members who will represent the federation as part of the AIDS 2018 Amsterdam Youth Force. IFMSA strongly believes in the impact of young people and wants to show a strong commitment as a member of the AYF (Amsterdam Youth Force). 10 motivated members will be selected to represent IFMSA in the working groups of the youth force.

About the Amsterdam Youth Force working groups:

With the driving slogan ‘Represent, Monitor and Empower’, which gets to the core of the AYF objectives in platforming youth voices and recognizing youth issues, the AYF has build five working groups:
  • Programme: To help plan the programme and sessions held by the AYF in the run up to and during the conference.

  • Communication and Media: To help run the AYF social media in the run up to and during the conference.

  • Advocacy: To crowdsource an advocacy statement to be presented during AIDS 2018.

  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA): To engage members from a region where there has been a major spike of new HIV transmissions and where work needs to be prioritised.

  • Events and Engagement: To organise events and involve young people from around the globe.

About AIDS 2018:


In July 2018, Amsterdam will host the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018). The International AIDS Conference is the largest conference on any global health issue in the world. First convened during the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 1985, it continues to provide a unique forum for the intersection of science, advocacy, and human rights. At AIDS 2018 around 22,000 scientists, advocates, community leaders and activists will come together to advance the fight against HIV and AIDS.

More information:


Tasks Description:

  • IFMSA representatives will be attending the different AYF Working Groups (listed above) and expected to fulfil the tasks presented by the coordinators.

  • As part of their role in the AYF, the appointed members will also be responsible for developing regional based initiatives to develop the vision of the youth force and promote its work.

  • The timeline of commitment would go from the moment of the appointment until the AIDS 2018 Conference.

Selection Criteria: 

  • Experience in IFMSA and in the field of Sexual and Reproductive health and rights, specifically HIV prevention and destigmatization.

  • Good availability from now until the end of July. (approx: 2 hrs per week)

  • Gender and Regional balance will also be highly taken into account.

How can you apply?

  • Letter highlighting your experience in IFMSA and in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, specifically mentioning your work to advance the HIV response, your motivation to be part of the AYF, working groups you'd like to join and your availability until July. - Maximum 2 pages (mandatory)

  • Get this Candidature Form signed and stamped by the NMO President.

  • Both documents need to be sent before October 29 23:59 GMT to and with [AYF-APPL] + the name of the applicant in the email subject.

Questions? Please contact and/or

European Sting : Call for articles
Gender Equality and Medicine in the 21st Century

[DL October 30th 2017, 23:59 GMT]

The European Sting is a political newspaper that aims to bring unbiased and trustworthy information to their readers not only about European Affairs, but about almost any political, economical and social topic. Furthermore, the Sting welcomes its readers to take part in this constructive and critical dialogue! As per the IFMSA's partnership with the Sting, any medical student worldwide is able to voice their ideas, concerns, opinions and dreams in a global online magazine. During this call, we will be accepting articles on the topic of Gender Equality and Medicine in the 21st Century. 

If you are interested in the topic above and would like to share your ideas with us and the world, please send a full article to no later than by the 30 of October.

The incoming articles need to adhere to the following specifications:
a)    Clearly defined brief title
b)    Up to 500 words article body text
c)    Profile picture of the writer
d)    100 words brief resume of the writer
e)    email address of the writer


Dear SCORAngels,

It is that time of the year when we get excited because… SCORA Xchange Season 2 is here!!!

What it takes to apply? Let me introduce you to the time of your life:

According to SCORA Exchange Regulations, this is the Standardized procedure that will be shared between the OCs in order for them to gather all of you info in a centralized manner! However, this is only one of the steps needed to apply! To refresh your memory here are the participants regulations: 

Application procedure (for participants)
- The applicants should apply directly to the X-Change OC, not to the NMO, through the contact details provided in the proposals.
- Students who wish to apply for the X-change will be required to:

  • Fill in a standard application form regardless of the X-change program they apply to. This form will be provided by the relevant SCORA Regional Assistant to the OC.

  • The following application documents will also be required and should be attached together with the application form:
  • A motivation letter :)
  • A curriculum vitae, which should contain details of any IFMSA/SCORA experience ;)
  • A photo 
  • Signed NORA / NMO President confirmation letter

Applicants should state on the application form if they are applying for any other X-Change during that term.
Applicants are limited to attending only 1 X-Change program per term, with a total of 2 per year.

This Cycle we will have SCORA Exchanges in:

You can find the Complete Call and Invitation Packages in the SCORA email server and Here! 

•DEADLINE for Applications in 30/10 23:59GMT!

Contact your RAs for any questions!


With love,
SCORA IT and SCORA Exchange OCs

Toolkit on Social Accountability

A message from Alexander Lachapelle, Liaison Officier for Medical Education issues for the term 2016-2017 and member of IFMSA-Québec

We are very excited to introduce a brand new tool for our NMOs: the Student Toolkit on Social Accountability.

The toolkit provides an introduction to social accountability, includes a tool to review your medical school's work & identify areas to grow, and several other tools for advocacy and capacity building (sample letters, powerpoint presentations, trainings, and even a video). 

Some concrete ideas of how you could use the Toolkit as NMO president include:
- forward the toolkit to your members through e-mail/Facebook/other platforms
- encourage NOMEs and LOMES to give a training at your NGA on social accountability helped by the powerpoint template and trainer handout
- encourage local committees to assess their schools using the assessment form, and advocate for change
- join our social media campaign on social accountability using these infographics
- discuss with your NOMEs and LOMEs the possibility of developing a social accountability component to their annual plans

A huge congratulations to the team that worked over the last year to make this project a reality, including Stijntje Djik, Jérémy Glasner, Rita Ramalho, Mohsna Bhiri and Kaylynn Purdy, our partners at THEnet and WONCA, as well as several reviewers from across the globe.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions on the toolkit and how to use it, at the following address:!

Follow us! 

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