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SCORA vous invite chez MADO

SCORA vous invite au Cabaret bien connu de Montréal Chez MADO pour une soirée festive au profit de CANFAR pour la recherche sur le VIH/SIDA le 13 février prochain!

Au programme: Spectacle humoristique des incroyables Drag Queens du Cabaret, participation de certains de vos collègues de classe (les reconnaîtrez-vous?!), animation et divertissement pour tous les goûts! En cette veille de Saint-Valentin, nous vous invitons à vous vêtir de vos plus belles nuances de rouge!

SCORA, c'est quoi?
Le comité de santé sexuelle et SIDA (SCORA) est un comité d’IFMSA-Québec qui vise à promouvoir la santé sexuelle et reproductive en travaillant et en sensibilisant sur des enjeux tels que le VIH et autres ITSS, la santé maternelle, la diversité des genres et les droits des femmes. Pour plus d'information, veuillez visiter notre site web au 

Ouverture des portes à 19h00
Coût du billet : 10$

Invitez vos amis!


SCORA is happy to invite you to Montreal's famous Cabaret Chez MADO for a festive evening on February 13th. All the profits collected will go to CANFAR, an organization supporting research on HIV/AIDS. 

We have planned a humorous show with the Cabaret's incredible Drag Queens, participation from some of your classmates (will you recognize them?!), animation and entertainment for everyone! On this Valentine's Day Eve, we invite you to wear your prettiest shades of red! 

What is SCORA?
The standing committee on reproductive health and AIDS (SCORA) is an IFMSA-Quebec committee raises awareness on sexual health by organizing events and activities around issues such as HIV, STIs, maternal health, gender diversity and women's rights. To know more, please visit our website 

Doors open at 7pm
Ticket cost: 10$

Invite your friends!

Directeur/trice des bénévoles - August Meeting 2018 à Montréal

Le comité organisateur de l'AM2018 est à la recherche d'un nouveau directeur/directrice des bénévoles. Tous les détails sont dans l'appel à la candidature ci-dessous. La date limite pour postuler est le 18 février prochain. Contactez-nous pour plus de détails!

Appel de candidature :


Volunteers Director - Montreal August Meeting 2018

The AM2018 OC is looking for a new volunteers director. Details are in the call below. Deadline to apply is February 18th, 11.59pm. Contact us for more details! 

Call for candidature:

Regional Meeting : la délégation d'IFMSA-Québec au Paraguay


En janvier dernier, la délégation d'IFMSA-Québec a participé à la rencontre régional des Amériques d'IFMSA (Americas Regional Meeting) au Paraguay. La délégation était composée de Lena Zotova (cheffe de délégation et représentante du AM2018 - Montréal), Michelle Houde (SCOPH et représentante du AM2018 - Montréal), Arielle Springer (SCOPH), Elizabeth Deng (SCOPH), Yasmine Nadifi (SCORA), Romina Hassid (SCORA) et Richly Tran (SCORE).

La délégation a remporté plusieurs prix et récompenses!
- Meilleure délégation
- Meilleur.e chef.fe de délégation (Lena Zotova)
- Meilleur.e participant.e SCORE (Richly Tran)
- Meilleure affiche à la foire des affiches sur les Objectifs du développement durable (SDGs)
- 3e prix à la foire aux activités pour le projet OSMOSE (projet d'éducation par les pairs sur la santé mentale)


Regional Meeting : the IFMSA-Québec delegation in Paraguay

Last January, the IFMSA-Québec delegation participated to IFMSA's Americas Regional Meeting in Paraguay. The members of our delegation were Lena Zotova (head of delegation and representative for the AM2018 - Montréal), Michelle Houde (SCOPH representative for the AM2018 - Montréal), Arielle Springer (SCOPH), Elizabeth Deng (SCOPH), Yasmine Nadifi (SCORA), Romina Hassid (SCORA) et Richly Tran (SCORE).

The delegation was awarded many prizes and awards!
- Best delegation
- Best head of delegation (Lena Zotova)
- Best SCORE participant (Richly Tran)
- Best poster at the poster fair on SDGs
- 3rd prize at the Activities Fair (OSMOSE - peer education project on mental health)



InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium 2018

On May, 5-6th 2018, InciSioN - International Student Surgical Network is organising the InciSioN Global Surgery Symposium 2018 (IGSS2018) in Leuven, Belgium. Partners of the Symposium are the Harvard Program in Global Surgery and Social Change, the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists, King's College London, and the G4 Alliance.

The international symposium targets a varied and global audience of specialists, residents, and students, introducing them to the basic concepts of global surgery, its recent developments and future steps to take by both the international community and local stakeholders. Speakers include Global Surgery experts from all over the world, including surgeons, anesthesiologists and obstetricians with both in-field and academic experience, and public health and financing experts from international organisations and civil society.

Early fee registration and abstract submissions have been opened for the Symposium. The agenda can be found here, whereas speakers are announced one by one on the event page before being grouped on the website. Reduced room rates are available for ho(s)tels in Leuven, which is easily accessible through all means of travel

Questions regarding the IGSS2018 can be sent to

International Refugee Rights Conference 2018

In June 2018, the Canadian Council for Refugees invites non-governmental organizations and others to attend an international conference in Toronto designed to enhance effectiveness in promoting the human rights of refugees and vulnerable migrants.

For more information :

Summer Schools on "Reproductive Health & Rights" and "Health & Migration" in Belgium

Each summer, BeMSA welcome students from all over the world to the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium. We organise a 12-day educational program, completed with various social and cultural activities. Applicants can choose between two different subjects: ‘Health & Migration’ and ‘Reproductive Health & Rights’. Both Summer Schools will take place from the 1st until the 12th of July 2018.

Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience by broadening your view on the subject as well as to introduce you to the finest Belgium has to offer. The mix of nationalities of the participants guarantees an interesting multicultural setting, resulting in long-lasting friendships.

Participants will attend interesting lectures taught by renowned doctors and professors connected to Ghent University as well as other international institutions. Next, you can enjoy the mesmerising green of our parks and have your breath taken away by our monumental cathedrals, churches and medieval dungeons. Discuss the day’s lectures to the tunes of local musicians and invigorate body and soul with our peerless variety of beer and exquisite Belgian cuisine. Education and pleasure have rarely -if ever- marched this closely in step.

Interested? You can apply by visiting our website, and filling out the application forms on the applications page. We have limited the necessary evil of paperwork to a minimum. Please bear in mind that places are limited, so apply sooner rather than later and nothing will keep you from enjoying your stay in vibrant Ghent!

Not quite convinced yet, having doubts or want to know what our previous Summer Schools were like? Visit our website and follow the updates on our Facebook pages: for Health & Migrationfor Reproductive Health & Rights.

CIOMS Annual Award For Medical Students

CIOMS is pleased to announce the establishment of an annual award of $1500 US for the best scientific article published in the areas of pharmacovigilance andresearch ethics. The article must have been published in a scientific peer reviewed journal in English.

In case of papers dealing with medicines or vaccines safety related topics, CIOMS uses the WHO definition of pharmacovigilance – Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem.

In case of research ethics – papers dealing with health-related research involving humans are eligible. Award applications have to be submitted annually by 1 March. The first award applications will be accepted by 1 March 2018.
Selection Process
Each year a Selection Committee for Student Awards is responsible for reviewing the candidates’ applications for the CIOMS awards. The Selection Committee consists of 5 members and is nominated by the CIOMS Executive Committee by the proposal of the Secretary-General of the CIOMS. The Selection Committee members’ names will be made public on the CIOMS website. The Selection Committee carefully considers the eligible nominations for the award and recommends the winner(s) of the award within 60 days from the closure of receiving applications on 1 March annually. The Selection Committee has the right to give no award or to give up to three awards (each $1500 US). Awards will be announced on the CIOMS Website within 10 days from the decision of the Committee.​

  1. Award applicants/recipients are expected to be medical students from M​ember
    ​O​rganizations of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IF​M​SA). Medical students continuing as PhD students can also be eligible.
  2. All students listed as authors of the scientific article applied for the award are equally eligible meaning that the award sum will be distributed between student authors equally.
  3. The applications can be done for scientific articles that have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals in English.
  4. The applications for scientific articles with student-only authors are given priority. Papers with mixed authorship in which students are co-authors can be considered provided there is enough evidence of the important role of student/s in this work.
  5. The applicants have to present all necessary data and evidence.
  6. An individual may not receive more than one CIOMS award in a year, nor may an individual receive more than one award for the same body of work.
  7. The applicant has to provide evidence that she/he is a medical student currently enrolled in a medical school.
  8. A minimum of three eligible applications are required in an award cycle (usually one year) before a committee may select an award recipient(s). If three eligible applications are not submitted, then there is no award made that cycle but an applicant may request his/her paper to be considered in the next cycle.
  9. Applications will not be returned and will be destroyed after their eligibility expires
Important Note: The system is based on trust. The applicant does not participate in the evaluation and selection process. To maintain confidentiality, the necessary facts should be obtained from the applicant only by the decision of the committee exceptionally, and only if the complete and correct background information is not available elsewhere.

Any unsuccessful applicant can be automatically considered for the award the following year. Applicants are encouraged to update or augment the award nomination materials, if appropriate, prior to the following year’s deadline. After consideration by the award committee during two consecutive years, the application is retired.

Award Application Requirements
Only complete nominations will be considered by the award committee. All application material is submitted by e-mail to This includes:
  1. Short cover letter from the main applicant (applicant who duly represents all the student authors of the article, if more than one) with clear contact data and brief description of the accomplishments that make the application deserving of this particular award. The letter must also contain the contact data of the scientific supervisor of the student/s.
  2. A copy of the article as it appeared in a peer reviewed journal must be presented for the award nomination.
  3. A letter from the scientific supervisor in the University supporting the application (recommended but not mandatory)
  4. One to two letters of reference (i.e. meaning one is minimum and two is maximum). All letters of recommendation may come from the nominee’s institution.
  5. Nominations should be specific about the achievements. Clear, concise information about the accomplishments and impact of the applicant/s work is more useful than extensive materials. Excessive documentation will not be distributed to the selection committee. Incomplete applications will be returned, or held for consideration when complete, as decided by the CIOMS Secretariat. Only complete applications will be forwarded to the Committee.

Application Deadlines
Award applications have to be submitted annually by 1 March.

If you have questions, please contact the CIOMS Secretariat at

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