Sharing my moments from the eWomen Success Summit!

It was an amazing day right FNAME?!

Hi there - Stefanie Raya here! I'm glad you dropped your card at my booth. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you. But right now I'd love to share a few moments that were memorable for me from the Summit this week.

It was an energizing day and man did I get some awesome nuggets! Loved Brianna's talk about influence. My biggest take-away was Niche. We can't be everything to everyone right? My goal is to teach you a system so your direct sales business can be on auto-pilot, no parties, no stalking people, no sales-breath. It's time for a kNew way of marketing.

I'M NOT THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER BUT I HAD TO CAPTURE THIS MOMENT!! Grace Lanni worked her tail off to make this event a success. So please send her a thank you. :)

My first time hearing Sandra!!!

The anticipation was completely worth it. I was so moved by how grounded and real Sandra is. I was engaged with her talk the entire time. Here's just three, of the many, lessons I learned and what they mean to me:

  • Share the stage. Working with a team means giving them time to shine. Place them in a position to lead! Lift as we rise.
  • Nobody makes it alone. I certainly have been an island in my day. But it's so much more fun to work together. 
  • Innovate. We don't have to invent something new, we need to innovate. And that is exactly what I'm doing. Creating a kNew way for direct sales professionals to work that is inclusive (<--my word for 2020!).

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All my best,
Stefanie Raya

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