3 Tips to Improving Your Website
(Without Starting Over)

The Old Way:

  • Website = static repository of anything and everything a company wanted to say about itself and its products or services
  • Set it and forget it mentality
  • Most updates = copy additions
  • Website gets outdated, leading to a complete overhaul

The New Way:

  • Modern websites = living, breathing part of your sales and marketing ecosystem
  • Require regular love and attention to ensure optimal performance and relevancy
  • Upside = significant changes and improvements to your website – without starting over

Tip #1: Continuous Improvements vs. Website Redesigns

Design with the Future in Mind

When you create a website with a future-proof design system and architecture, it will expand and grow with your business without falling apart every few years. By designing with the future in mind using a systematic approach, you are set up to win in the long term.

Build a Support Team

Once your site launches, you want to keep your design, development, and marketing teams in close contact. Your business is ever-changing. The way customers use your site evolves, as does how you stay relevant in a digital space. To get the most value out of your website and remain relevant, you need to continually nurture your site after it goes live. You can use your existing team(s), or look to a business like Good Work that specializes in post-launch aftercare and long-term partnerships.

Examples of Continuous Improvements

There are countless small updates that can be made through continuous improvements to your site. Some of the most common that we see (and recommend) include:

  • Plugin updates

  • Copy updates

  • Landing pages for current initiatives

  • Design updates based on usage

  • Provide new value (e.g., blog, resources, newsletter sign-up)

At the end of the day, these updates should meet one of two goals. They should either make your site more relevant to the current state of your business, OR better support your marketing and sales efforts.

Don't miss out on tips #2 and #3. Read the full article on our blog.
3 Tips to Improving Your Website

Some of Our Best Tips

Transparent Communication

As a successful PM, you have to keep open communication between the discovery, design, and development teams at all times.

This will help keep everything within scope, and lets each team flag issues before it’s too late.

Don't Just Read -- Play!

When you have sample code in front of you, it's easy to think that simply reading it will teach you what you need to know.

But to truly learn and grow from it, you have to run the code and then make changes. When you play around with it this way, you'll learn much faster.

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