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COVID-19 pandemic and co-op meetings

Co-op Cost Cutters - A couple of messages from Coinamatic and Rogers during this difficult time

ONPHA Pandemic Planning for Non-profits - click here fore more details

COVID 19 - Economic Response Plan: Support for Canadians

COVID-19 self-assessment - click here for more information

CHFT members have asked about what to do about face to face meetings. The Original Free Canadian Conference Call is a free service. Click here and find out more

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Co-op Coordinator - ForWard 9 Co-op 

Have a look at what members did at Fieldstone Co-op to keep up spirits during this difficult time - an outdoor sing a long!  Join them in a sing a long every Thursday at 4:00 p.m.

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Public Health Ontario
Public Health Agency of Canada
World Health Organization
City of Toronto 
Durham Region
York Region 
Ontario Non Profit Housing Association 
Landlord and Tenant Board

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