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Building a Rich Domain In Iterations

published on Oct 17, 2019 11:23 am
I'm currently revising code from 3 years ago. The result is a replica of the old stuff – updating isn't worth the effort, it's written in Swift 3 and the code base is small, so I rewrite it and copy useful parts over. The public interface already differs from what I wrote 3 years ago. In the first step, I translated the old code but took what was there. For example, back then I had a DateRange type. Swift Ranges were less powerful back then, so I added a couple of convenient methods that I can now replace with the standard library protocols instead. So I demoted the type to typealias DateRange = Range<Date>. I also had a Date type (this was before NSDate dropped the "NS") that I renamed to NormalizedDate. In the domain I work on, a date isn't a date-time-combination, but just the year, month, and day. Confusingly, this type was a mere wrapper for NSDate that dropped the time information for quick comparisons.
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