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SwiftRex - Redux for Swift with Reactive Capabilities

published on Dec 29, 2019 01:25 pm
The SwiftRex project is similar to ReSwift in design: it's a library to design applications with a unidirectional data flow underpinning. In contrast to ReSwift, which is around for years and years already, SwiftRex has had a fresh start and supports Combine, RxSwift, and ReactiveSwift to create state change subscriptions. That's a nice touch. I'll have to experiment with the library some day, but so far it looks nice and the README is full of sexy ASCII diagrams.
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Facilitate Non-Artists to Sketch

published on Dec 29, 2019 12:29 pm
At my work at university, I was often a facilitator for groups in workshops to produce unique insights and interesting visualizations. We experimented with a lot of things – one particularly successful idea was pair-programming, but for presentation-making. Not every pair thrived, but all pairs found out something new in the process. So I'm – well, not "on the hunt", more like: passively fishing for new ideas like this all the time.
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