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Maybe Call Your UI Configurion Objects ViewData Instead of ViewModel

published on Jan 05, 2020 12:09 pm
Joe Fabsevich (@mergesort proposes to call data to configure UI elements “View Data” and keep the objects dumb. From part 1: In my experience, things become harder to maintain when they start becoming a crutch, as a place to put your code if it doesn’t neatly fall into the Model, View, or Controller label.
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AppMover Swift Library to Move Your macOS App to the Applications Folder

published on Jan 03, 2020 09:06 am
Oskar Groth published a modern iteration of the “LetsMove” framework where you can show a dialog at app launch, asking the user if she wants to move the app to /Applications first. This is still a crucial feature if you distribute downloads that unpack into the ~/Downloads folder: Gatekeeper’s App Translocation will actually start it from a random sandboxed folder. To prevent this from happening, distribute your apps as a DMG with a shortcut to /Applications to nudge your users to move the app there directly.
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Community Trumps All

published on Jan 02, 2020 05:34 pm
This is not a pun on the U.S. president. Going through stuff from the past year, I just noticed how much more amazing daily life feels with a community. In the past 2 years, I helped found two communities: Without the local group of Urban Sketchers, I wouldn’t have progressed with my watercolor skills; and without the forums, there wouldn’t be a lot of places to hang out to talk about what I find most interesting about personal knowledge management: creating new insights!
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