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Always Ask for MailChimp Newsletter Reconfirmation Outside of MailChimp

published on Sep 23, 2019 09:14 am
When you want to merge newsletters in MailChimp like I do and tell your subscribers to sign up at the new list and unsubscribe from the old to not receive any notifications – then you're setting yourself up for trouble! Because it turns out that mass-migrations from list A to list B mostly register as mass unsubscribes from list A. And an unsubscribe rate of 9% or higher (I don't know the actual minimum value, but 9.23% triggered it for my account) will automatically up the risk level of your whole MailChimp account.
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Don't Wait. Show Up. Or It Might Be Too Late Again

published on Sep 23, 2019 08:27 am
When someone close to the family dies, a lot of dust is stirred up. My godfather died last week, and I was informed that his burial will be tomorrow – more by accident than by plan. We hadn't talked in 5 years, and in late 2018 I became curious what he and his wife were up to. Why not visit them for a change, since they don't come visit anymore? I was at their place a couple times, but most of the time, like once every month plus for birthdays or so, my godfather and his wife visited us at home, back when I lived with my father.
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