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Become an Acquired Taste

published on Sep 09, 2019 04:56 pm
Seth Godin points out that people usually say "an acquired taste" as if that is something bad. I never thought about this phrase much, but he does have a point here. Indie developers and creators in general should consider to be a pleasure for the introduces few: that thought is in line with getting your first 1000 true fans, and everything the crew at Basecamp (formerly 37 Signals) around Jason Fried preach for years. Retain your individuality. Make something that is indispensible for people instead of making a throwaway mass product.
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UINavigationController Inside a Popover

published on Sep 08, 2019 01:33 pm
Noah Gilmore wrote about his approach to use UINavigationController inside a popover without subclassing the navigation controller. Even though I don't work on iOS apps, like, at all these days, this sounds too useful to go by unnoticed.
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With DevMate Closing Shop, Here's What You Can Do

published on Sep 06, 2019 10:28 pm
DevMate are closing their doors. The announcement isn't news anymore, but since I didn't use their service, I didn't think much of it. I did report back in 2016 when they changed their pricing model. Nowadays I discover more and more people struggling to migrate away, and my blog pops up in their searches – apparently because I wrote a book on selling apps on FastSpring.
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Prying Open the Vanilla Forum Control Flow to Create Discussions in Embedded Forms

published on Sep 06, 2019 06:53 pm
We're using a Vanilla Forum for the Zettelkasten Method and ME Improved. It's a PHP-based forum, and I like how modular it's built. Writing plugins and themes isn't a pain, and that's something in my book already. It also allows us to power the comments with the forum. When you are the first to write a comment, the built-in "System" user creates a discussion with the blog post's title and a short excerpt and your comment is added.
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