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October 17, 2016 Issue V

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Events and Activities
Video Services
Sermon Series on Ruth
Join us in our new sermon series on the book of Ruth by beginning to read through the book on your own. Then, when attending worship, write down, post, or tweet what God says to your heart to prepare to share the move of God on Sunday nights in discipleship. God's Word is speaking at Bayou Drive. Don't miss out!
Kindom Kids Banquet
NEXTgen Worship, Testimony, and Planning
Sunday night Bible study groups will be canceled on October 30 as we gather in the Sanctuary for an evening of worship, testimony, and planning. Come with a testimony of what God has done for you in this church as we look back and then look forward to what God can do with us in the days to come. These are exciting days!
Small Groups Develop Devotion Life
Small Groups Teach Devotion Life
On Sunday nights our small group leaders will be teaching our church how to have a daily devotional life. This is an excellent opportunity for new believers to build new habits and for experienced members to share how God uses your daily time in your walk with Him. Join a small group on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. to learn more how we improve our corporate worship with our private worship.
Listen to our lastest sermons online at
LOTS! of Candy Needed for Children's Ministry
There is a box in the foyer for those able to donate candy to our children's ministry. They will be passing out candy and ministry invitations on October 31 in city park. We can usually connect with over 1,000 kids in one evening. Please bring a lot of candy!
Share the gospel, then call the church to celebrate. 281-968-4769
Sharing the Gospel - Telling the Church
We have shared the gospel with 60 people during our evangelism campaign for the year! Don't forget to pray toward and seize those opportunities this week to tell others about Jesus. Then call the evangelism hotline at 281-968-4769 so our staff can pray and we can celebrate with the whole church on Sunday.
  Suggested Reading
How Should I Vote
How Should I Vote

Our Pastor met with our young adults last Sunday night and offered several reasons why refusing to vote is not a good option.

First, realize that your vote does not constitute an endorsement. We recognize that our vote carries issues much broader than an individual's character.

Second, our vote implies ramifications beyond the Oval Office. Our next President could select as many as 4 Supreme Court justices and even more Federal justices. Unfortunately, our courts have become the battleground for issues of life and liberty. The rights of unborn children, the definition of marriage, and religious liberties are all in play over the next several years. It demands that we vote morally.

Third, with a theological conviction mindful of God's providence, we recognize that the Lord very may want to design judgment to turn the heart of our nation back to Him. Like Jeremiah, I want blessing for my country. But at the same time, I am voting for divine involvement and am praying that the Lord will use it for His purpose and glory. In a way, my vote is participating with God.

Fourth, realize that you should vote for more than the Presidential race. There are many other elected officials that need to hear of our support or rejection. Did you know that Texas will decide three state Supreme Court positions and three Criminal Appeals positions? If you don't want to live like California, vote!

"How can I get involved," you ask? Familiarize yourself with the available candidates at the federal, state, and local level. You can visit the American Family Association website for a great voters guide. But most importantly, pray!
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