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The Commission Online - Activities and Events of Bayou Drive Baptist Church, Alvin, Texas
January 5, 2017 Issue VIII

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In this edition:
  • Announcing a special preacher next Sunday.
  • Learn about the 500 year celebration of Luther's 95 theses.
  • Guess what is being called the fastest selling toy of all time ... and it's not from Star Wars!
Happy New Year
Events and Activities
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Youth Sunday
Every month our youth gather for an afternoon of ministry, fellowship, food, and games after a Sunday morning worship service. As part of their evangelism training, they attend worship at a local nursing home, lead in worship, and minister to the residents. There's no better friendship than those gained serving together.
Guest Preacher Sunday!
Guest Preacher Sunday!
Wesley Barefield will be preaching Sunday, January 8. You'll enjoy his young and expositional style.
Audio/Video Ministry Training
Audio/Video Ministry Training
For any volunteers interested in working in our audio/video ministry, we will be training users of Proclaim software, the video presentation software used in worship. This is a wonderful opportunity for some to get involved in a new ministry from the ground up. No reservation is necessary. Just bring your laptop if you have one and join us at 4:00 p.m. in the sanctuary if you are interested.
Youth Parent Meeting
Unfinished Business Youth Parent Meeting
Parents of 7-12 graders are invited to meet with Michael Barnes, our Minister to Youth and Families, Sunday evening at 7:15 in the youth room for an update of events and parental feedback. The youth ministries at Bayou Drive are a service to the home, equipping families to rear Godly children for the glory of God. Parental participation is vital to the success of growing Godly children.
New Women's Bible Study
Beth Moore's Mercy Triumphs from the book of James starts January 11 for our women on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. Registration is required by signing up at the welcome center or by calling the church office. You can purchase a companion workbook from Lifeway to accompany your study.
New Online Giving
New Online Giving Is Here!
A new enhanced online giving portal has arrived. Click "Giving" from the menu at to register and learn more. Systematic giving is the lifeblood of healthy ministries. Register online for recurring contributions to BDBC to help us maintain our ministry emphasis throughout the year. It's secure and effortless and we will never sell your contact information.
Online Church Directory
Keep us updated! Our church directory is available online for church members. Visit and click on the Directory link in the menu (or visit our directory here). To sign up, just click "Forgot Password" and enter the email address you have on file with the church. The system will email you login instructions. You can manage your own contact information and obtain a list of your most recent contributions.
Leader of Worship Music
Praying for Leader of Worship Music
We continue to receive applications for our advertised posting for a new leader of worship music. We are looking for someone gifted in music with a passion for the Lord to lead us each Sunday morning as we sing for God's glory. Please continue to pray for our Trustees as they work through applications in preparation for making a recommendation to the church. Read the job posing online.
Wednesday Proverbs Study
Wednesday Proverbs Challenge
Our Wednesday night adult Bible study group is taking the Proverbs challenge, an attempt to see weekly events through the lens of Proverbs. Join us, and learn to see life through your relationship with the wise God of the ages.
  Suggested Reading
Martin Luther's Quincentennial

This year you will hear a lot about the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing of his 95 theses. What's a thesis? Why is it a big deal? And do Baptists have any part in something that sounds Lutheran?

Unfortunately, like many historical stories, the telling of a brash Catholic priest defiantly pounding biblical grace to the door of a historic sanctuary to theologically megaduce the Pope isn't as grand as one might think. Luther was a learned scholar with a gift for preaching. His biblical conviction was obvious in his sermons. What really broke the last straw (Luther pun for the book of James inserted here) was the Catholic selling of indulgences as he was coming to terms with his own understanding of personal acceptance to God.

Luther followed the academic process of the day by outlining his 95 concerns in Latin (the academic language that spanned European territorial and language barriers) to produce what we call today his 95 theses, or what was more locally known as Luther's Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences. It was not until friends impressed with his work decided to translate his concerns into German that Luther's argument gained a theological spotlight. This was not a separation from the Catholic church, but rather intended to be a reformation within the Church. In fact, Luther never left Catholicism. Nevertheless, the Church was unimpressed and struggled with Luther's influence the rest of his life (and made Luther a real grump in the process).

The anniversary is a really big deal, even for those of us who are Baptists. It's not as if Luther was the first to discover the biblical concept of "grace alone" for reconciliation with God. It's just that what was regularly embraced in the shadows outside Catholicism was now being propagated from behind the entrenched religious veil. It was the lightning bolt that severed the European church from the European states. The Lutherans (think followers of Luther, not denominational congregants - Luther was never Lutheran) opened the door for religious disagreement in what was then a marriage of citizenship and church identity. To be a religious dissenter of the day was to be a national traitor, so Europeans were arguing for more than Sunday song style. For them, it was life or death.

Even more profound was the doctrine that acted as the lightning bolt itself. Grace. Grace! This was no in-house debate over communion elements or priestly robes. The stuff of Luther was the core of reconciliation with God. For him to succeed could spell then end of the Catholic empire of the day. This concept of grace is what unites non-Catholic Christians across many denominations. This grace becomes the litmus test of eternal destination. Bringing grace into the light and out of the shadows gave rise to an uncontrollable surge of religious expression. This explosion eventually gave rise to men like John Smyth and Thomas Helwys ... and the rest is (Baptist) history!

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