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February, 2021

Dear <<First Name>>,

Goals. We know they're good for us.  We've got them rattling around in our heads, yet taking the time to get them down on paper is a daunting task.  Indeed, with the constant pivoting and change required of leaders over the last 12 months, planning anything can feel like an empty promise.

At a time like this, I ascribe to something I heard a sales manager quip early in my career, “If the ship misses the harbor, it’s seldom the harbor’s fault.”   While I’m not averse to enjoying an occasional spontaneous detour, I confess to feeling grounded when I chart my course, and leave room to tack along the way.  Setting goals gives me a vision for where I'm going, a way to gauge progress, and keeps me on track (more or less).

So, rather than holding an abstract idea of your goals in mind this year, I invite you to take 10 minutes and try out our Coach2Growth tool to help you identify and articulate your goals, then maximize the likelihood you'll stick with them this year.  You can download the SMART Goals Tool and start planning ways to level up as a leader in 2021.  Of course, I’m happy to help you use this tool and to remain accountable should you want to go further.

Be well!


Jacqueline Franklin
Chief Coaching Partner
IPEC Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
Coach2Growth helps executives and senior business people grow by capitalizing on their strengths to lead and partner more effectively. With our guidance, leaders achieve more, gain recognition, and grow and prosper fearlessly. 
5 Questions to Ask When Setting Goals.

SMART Goal Setting Made Easy

Some people prefer to take each day as it comes and hope for the best.  They thrive on the spontaneity of it all, and I respect that fully.  Others stay clear of goal setting because they fear the possibility of failure.  The gremlin inside their head whispers, “If I don’t set goals, then I don’t have to lament not achieving them.”  While others aren’t necessarily opposed to goal setting, they are challenged to find the time to do so.  It feels hard and time-consuming and, so, it just never gets done.

For anyone who wants to embrace or improve upon the power of setting goals, here’s a surefire way to make the process easy and SMART [pun intended]. Read on to make setting your SMART Goals for 2021 easy.

Start the new year off on the right foot by taking some time out of your busy day to read up on leadership development. The Enterprisers Project shared their list of 10 leadership books to stretch your skills in 2021. Read on to learn more about the books that can help you grow as a leader.  How will you level up as a leader this year?
Jacqueline partners for success with her clients, blending years of strategic and practical business experience in global companies with enthusiasm for helping leaders, organizations and teams realize their potential. She has worked with company leaders and individual contributors to help them achieve more, gain recognition and prosper fearlessly.

Jacqueline has been a natural and compassionate champion, mentor and coach to women throughout her career. She participated on the board of Girls Inc. of Lynn for six years, and is a member of The Boston Club, one of the largest communities of women executives and professional leaders in the Northeast.

Jacqueline has an MBA and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), having completed her training in the premier accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification program through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  She is also certified as an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

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