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Weathering the weather with rain boots and flip flops

Indeed, moving from Southern California to New England many moons ago was an adjustment, most notably to the weather. I’ve reflected often on the wisdom from one of my long-time Boston friends that “there really is no bad weather, just bad clothing options.” 

When you live in an area that sometimes experiences four seasons in a day,
it's best to have a full range of options to cover the variety of possibilities - similar to what leaders need in their toolkit to ensure a healthy and fully engaged team (especially on "bad weather days!")

Raise your hand if you've ever...

  • ...left a conference room or Zoom session with a nagging feeling that you could have done more to support or invite input from the quieter folks on the team.
  • ...felt annoyed by the overly enthused person who seemed to suck all the oxygen out of the room.
  • ...cut someone off mid-sentence because you "knew what they were going to say."
  • ...zoned out during a presentation stacked predominantly with facts & figures.
  • ...wanted to hide under a rock when publicly recognized for a job well done.
  • ...heard "crickets" in response to your email requesting input on a complex, important decision (or perhaps worse, inspired responses from everyone, generating 15 more emails).
Okay, hands down, everyone. Welcome to the confounding world of engaging effectively with an increasingly diverse workforce in an increasingly hybrid workplace. When you consider the various communication and style preferences across an organization, it's a wonder anyone comes back for more each day.

That said, understanding the mix of preferences on your team and flexing accordingly are key ingredients to maximizing engagement, employee satisfaction and retention.

So, just what is healthy engagement, and how do you foster it? Grab your flip flops and read on.


Jacqueline Franklin
Chief Coaching Partner
IPEC Certified Professional Coach
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
Coach2Growth helps executives and senior business people grow by capitalizing on their strengths to lead and partner more effectively. With our guidance, leaders achieve more, gain recognition, and grow and prosper fearlessly. 
Healthy Engagement Leads to Clear Skies – a Tool Worth Harnessing

When your team is stuck or at odds with one another, it's not unlike the weight we feel when the atmospheric pressure has dropped. We often feel drained, and we move more slowly. Some of us get a headache.

Cultivating healthy engagement across the team is one way to raise the barometric pressure and make room for clear and inviting skies.

Healthy engagement happens when your team and stakeholders feel valued and have a sense of belonging. When team members feel respected and "psychologically safe," you will optimize idea generation, participation and decision making.

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Like the title indicates, "Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything" by BJ Fogg, PhD is chock full of tips and techniques for changing behavior, one small habit at a time.

Breaking a habit into its smallest elements makes it easier (and more fun) to experiment with new ways to change behavior and accomplish goals.
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Jacqueline partners for success with her clients, blending years of strategic and practical business experience in global companies with enthusiasm for helping leaders, organizations and teams realize their potential. She has worked with company leaders and individual contributors to help them achieve more, gain recognition and prosper fearlessly.

Jacqueline has been a natural and compassionate champion, mentor and coach to women throughout her career. She participated on the board of Girls Inc. of Lynn for six years, and is a member of The Boston Club, one of the largest communities of women executives and professional leaders in the Northeast.

Jacqueline has an MBA and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), having completed her training in the premier accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification program through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  She is also certified as an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

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