Latest features (probably) coming to a library near you this Summer!

Coming this Summer!

Meet "Lilly", "Rainbow" and "Dusty"
Our 2014 Summer Wildlife learning series introducing new programs: "Animal Appetites", "Color & Camouflage" and "Dinosaurs Among Us" - and promising to be our busiest Summer yet!  Planning to include many fan favorites from our NHECM animal collection, as well as our new Chinchillas, Yellow-naped Green Amazon Parrot, and Uromastyx, and a few other new faces.  

Critter Feature: Caimans!

It's not technically an Alligator, and it's not a Crocodile, Caimans are a member of the alligator family and live among the tropical regions and rivers of Central and South America.  Our Caiman is a Dwarf Caiman and (only) will reach up to 5 feet, they have heavier armored bodies than other caimans and live among flowing water or waterfalls, eating aquatic critters.  Although Dwarf Caimans are very common, the Black Caiman, a relative, is actually endangered due to hunting and habitat loss and the source of a project by National Geographic to help manage an increase in their native population.

Our Summer "Early Bird" Schedule!

Parents, Teachers, Students (and other NHECM Fans!) find out when we will be in your area this Summer with our new wildlife programs!  

Librarians, Summer camps & other summer clients check out our calendar to confirm your date OR (if you haven't scheduled us yet) to see when you can schedule for special discounted "in the area" rates!!

 Summer 2014 Calendar

Upcoming April & May Events!

Friday & Saturday, April 11th & 12th (various times) - Standing Stone State Park "Naturalist Rally" (Hilham, TN)

Saturday, April 12th at 11:30 am -  Friends of Edgar Evins State Park "Celebration of Spring" (Silver Point, TN)

Friday, April 25th (Rain Date, April 28th) (All Day)- USACES Carlyle Lake "Earth Day Festival" (Carlyle, IL)

Thursday & Friday, May 1st & 2nd (All Day) - Rend Lake Earth Day (Rend Lake, Benton, IL)

Saturday, May 17th at 1:00 & 2:30 pm - Discovery Park of America (Union City, TN)

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