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CraftLass is an independent folk singer-songwriter from Hoboken, NJ who writes a lot about space, science, politics, women’s issues, and critical thinking. A love of spiritual and folk music of the past and interest in how theology and religion have affected the world throughout human history have led to a passion for writing songs that stir people much like religious music but with secular lyrics advocating for reason and belief in the power of humanity. As an advocate for space exploration best known for her single "Bake Sale for NASA" she has proudly lent her talents to events like Yuri's Night at the Astronaut Hall of Fame and SpaceUp Houston at the Lunar and Planetary Institute and sees every performance as an opportunity to reach out and educate as well as entertain. Visit her website for more information.
SW came along exactly as I was moving into the Eriksonian stage of "Generativity vs Stagnation" and I was waffling with where I wanted to *make a difference*. ~Corinne Zimmerman, Secular Woman Member

Nice. The world is incomplete without women being equal and powerful. ~Raghu Seshadri, Comment on Secular Woman Facebook Page

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When I hear that atheism and secularism are not intimately tied to feminism; I'm confused. In rejecting religion, I reject all that it stands for. I reject that women are second, that women don't control their own body, and more. I reject that being gay is wrong, that being transgender is a reason to be bullied, and more. For me, being an atheist is rejecting all the concepts that are based on the Bible or the Koran. I reject Gods and religions. I cannot separate my non-belief in gods from my right to control my own physical body and mine and others inherent right to self-determination. Simply put, atheism, secularism, and feminism (gender equality) are inextricably intertwined for me. Further, I do not understand some thinking that says that religion is root cause and that should be the priority over equality. That issues of social equality should be put second. Yes, that is the argument for some; that gender equality must wait its turn. That waiting for the establishment to build a secular US is the answer. Seriously? We will be waiting for eternity. We have been waiting. For me, atheism, secularism, and feminism are tangled together and of equal weight. How can you separate and prioritize them when the result of a non-secular society is almost 1000 bills in 2012 regulating a women's decision making about her own body? Mostly, this reminds me of something I read: I'm an activist; not a waitivist!

Breaking Through,
Kim Rippere

The Reveal
Secular Woman is raising funds by marketing a calendar representing the many faces of diversity within the secular movement. Titled Atheists Breaking Through~ The Reveal, the calendar will depict nude and semi-nude non-believers of various races, genders, ages and body types. The calendar will be available for purchase in November.

Bridget Gaudette, Vice President of Outreach, explains the purpose of the nude and semi-nude calendar, which will feature a diverse array of secular people, as a way “to portray the narrative that this is the freethinking community: multifaceted, proud and beautiful.”

We will be donating half of the proceeds from the calendar to the Light the Night blood cancer fund via Foundation Beyond Belief, and the rest will be used to support our travel grant program.

Support our project here on indiegogo. We are also accepting submissions to the calendar.

For all the details read the full press release on the Secular Woman website.

The committee on energy and commerce has prepared a report of the 55 anti-woman votes of House of Representatives during the 112th Congress.

A study on the effects of the DADT repeal has found that there was “no overall negative impact on military readiness or its component dimensions.”

In VA, the Board of Health is pressured into rolling back women’s reproductive health care rights further by “impos[ing] medically-unnecessary restrictions on reproductive health providers.”

The Bright Spot

An artist renders famous women from sci-fi movies and tv as saints. Mother Ripley anyone?

Susan Jacoby has penned a fabulous piece on the lack of women in the secular movement, why that is, and why it needs to change now.

When Jessica Ahlquist was invited by the Citizen Advocacy Center to speak at several schools as a part of their Constitution Week activities, the Illinois Family Institute took offense.  In a post that both ignored the many hardships Jessica has faced and misrepresented the words of CAC lawyer Maryam Judar, the IFI encouraged readers to “Take Action” and contact the school board regarding their displeasure with Jessica’s invitation to speak.  However, this move backfired when readers of Hemant Mehta’s blog Friendly Atheist used the IFI’s Take Action system to express their approval and support, showing the IFI that Jessica has supporters all over the country.

After receiving letters of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Grove City [Pa.] Area School District Board of School Directors has voted to stop holding prayers during their meetings.

The Dane County Circuit Court has ruled most of Wisconsin’s 2011 Act 10, which harshly limited the union rights of many public workers, law unconstitutional.

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