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I gotta tell ya, Chip is one of the finest DJs in Australia and also one of the finest human beings I know. He's been a good mate of mine since I started DJing and has a massive reputation both for his incredible sets and as being an all-round good bloke. (I kinda love him, can ya tell?)

From his humble beginnings playing at a lesbian warehouse party to being one of Australia's most in-demand DJs, Chip has entrenched himself as an Extra Dirty fave. I had a quick chat with my old mate and learned a thing or two. 
How long have you been DJing and how'd you get into it?

I bought Technics turntables in 1992 when vinyl was king of the clubs. I'd been going to early 90s dance parties and raves for a bit and decided I loved the music so much I wanted to give it a go. It was a passion that still excites me today. I never thought I'd get out of the bedroom but within a year I was playing in pubs and clubs around Sydney and I was hooked!

Where does the DJ name Chip come from?

Chip? I was born with that name of course! ... Well actually I wasn't. When I started DJing I had about 20 pairs of Chipie trainers (google that one). A mate Steve, who was working at the old Exchange Hotel, started calling me Chip because I always had them on ... it kinda stuck.

If someone wanted to buy you a drink, what would that be?

Dam, I do like a shot of tequila!

What do you listen to at home when you're relaxing or do you simply enjoy the silence?

Music at home is a funny one. I have my moods like anyone else. I really like the early acid jazz stuff, Massive Attack, Innocence and chilled sounds. Sometimes funk, and other times I ramp it up to House and beyond. Love my silence too.

You play across a variety of genres and do it better than anyone I know, but what is it that you like about playing the 'tougher' sounds like techno? How do you put your own stamp on a techno set?

When I first started to buy club music for my own collection, it was always the rave, underground house, techno and progressive sounds of the day. But I found it very tough to find gigs like that in the early days so I picked up on House and funkier club stuff. It was a great time for music and you could really stamp your sound. Records were individual and unique. Not everyone could just download what you had, but l love playing lots of different stuff. I love techno. I actually find it has an amazing soul of its own. Once you connect to underground sounds there's no going back.

You've always been one of the most technically sound DJs I know. Who or what inspired that technical high standard?

Oh wow! Awesome compliment. When I first started, I wanted to be as smooth as Sasha & Digweed and practiced my arse off to achieve seamless vinyl mixing, and cohesive transitions. I've chucked many, many a wobbly mix though ... it's all part of the fun.  I also have had a lot of sound engineers behind the scene giving me the best guidance about how to get the best sound out of a system. They've been invaluable.

The Sydney gay scene has been struggling over the past few years. As someone who has a box seat, where do you see it heading?

Sydney is a bit of a pain in the neck. Politics has almost destroyed the scene and it has faltered far and wide. But I have noticed a lot of steady little parties living through the tough times, and like Extra Dirty, growing in popularity.

Are there any clubs in the world you'd like to visit? 

I'm heading to Europe later this year. I'll pop into a few and have a listen.

What is it about Extra Dirty that you like? How is it different to other parties?

I've known you (Feisty) from way before the inception of the Extra Dirty parties. I always loved you and the amazing people that you, and the late Mandy Rollins, attracted to nights at Phoenix and beyond. The special thing that really shows at Extra Dirty is the sense of family. It IS a real tribe .. the energy, the music. It just gels. 

Anything else? 

Can't wait to let it rip on the night! 

Thanks Chip. Bloody legend. Love ya. Mx
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Chip @ Extra Dirty 2015
See you soon tribe.

Mel and the ED Crew
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