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Hi Scoop subscriber,

I know this is not the usual newsletter content you are used to, but we thought you might be interested in what’s happening behind the scenes in arts, events & travel in WA - and we wanted to show off a little...

After investing more than $3 million, we just launched the largest online guide to arts, events & travel in WA and one of the most sophisticated digital marketing platforms in the world.

You can now explore 5000+ arts, events, attractions, things to do and places to stay, all in one place:


David Hogan
Scoop launches ground-breaking technology and powerful new marketing tools for arts, events & travel industry

Scoop has built one of the world’s most sophisticated, bilingual, community-based content distribution networks with a mission to develop Perth and WA as a regional hub for arts, events, culture and travel. We now represent more than 5,000 operators, making us the largest online guide to arts and small business in WA. Scoop provides:
  1. Locals and travellers with the only comprehensive, professionally translated Chinese and English guide to arts, events and travel.

  2. Small business and arts organisations with FREE access to millions of users through Scoop, third party local and international websites, Facebook and WeChat.

  3. Local government, visitor centres, hotels, tour, travel and event operator websites with rich content, a superior user-experience and cutting-edge marketing tools (including membership model optouts, extended translation functionality, and the ability to create and share customised trails and itineraries as part of social media and EDM strategies).

Why we need something new

The arts, events and travel industry is highly fragmented. The industry continues to work in silos, in competition rather than collaboration whilst suffering from poor quality content, outdated technology and an ineffective distribution network. The old solutions aren’t working and WA is being left behind. The Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are winning and without radical change, small business and the arts will continue to struggle.

New technology = new solutions

Scoop has invested over $3 million to develop one of the world’s most sophisticated content distribution networks; a scalable, enterprise-level digital platform that allow us to deliver fully-customisable content and a superior user-experience in English and Chinese, to an infinite number of websites. Content can be viewed on and has four main portals: (1) Arts & Events, (2) Perth City, (3) WA Travel, (4) WA Wineries

Providing FREE market access for small business and the arts

Listings on the Scoop database are free, instantly providing access to millions of users through and a rapidly expanding distribution network of local and international websites, including hotels, tour operators, media (RTRFM), visitor centres (Dongara Port Denison) and local government (City of Wanneroo). Using sophisticated chatbots, content will also be made available on Facebook and WeChat (1 billion+ users per month), with direct links to website and booking engines, avoiding OTA commission. Opportunities include:
  • Free listings: register or login at, select LOGIN in the menu, or follow this link.

  • Premium listings: costs $100+gst per month and includes managing your listing, uploading images and video, professional translation into Chinese and priority search ranking ahead of all free listings.

  • Arts, Event & Travel marketing packages: includes Chinese translation, priority search results, website advertising, dedicated landing pages (e.g. WASO), access to Scoop’s 35,000+ subscribers and 20,000+ social media followers.

  • Industry Partnerships: powerful bespoke digital solutions are available for visitor centres, local government and industry associations.

Powerful destination-content, marketing tools and customised itineraries for your website

Content licensing via the Scoop Widget (as seen on allows us to provide rich, destination-promotion content and a superior user-experience on third party websites, including hotels, tour operators and other businesses with a vested interest in destination promotion. Content can be customised based on location and listing-type, individual listings can be opted out (useful for membership models), and the professionally-translated Chinese function can be extended to your entire website.

Personal itineraries and trails can be created and shared with clients and integrated into social media and EDM strategies, providing a powerful marketing tool for all operators.

Content Licensing: costs $100+gst per month ($300+gst per month for visitor centres), with setup fees waived for Sep and Oct 2018.

Working with WA’s wine industry

Scoop’s joint venture with the Wine Industry Association of WA has resulted in Australia’s most advanced, bilingual winery guide and content distribution network. This includes updating 340+ winery listings, Chinese translation, making the content available on WeChat and 50+ local and international sites, creating regional Wine Association websites, media libraries and more. It’s a great example of what’s possible across all industries in WA.

Making a difference

Through Scoop I have been involved in the promotion of small business, arts, events and travel for more than 20 years. I am constantly impressed with the passion and talent behind WA business, community and arts organisations.

However, the industry remains fragmented and continues to operate in silos with current technology limiting the scope for cross-promotion and collaboration. I’m pleased to be rolling out Scoop’s new vision and welcome a new era of cooperation as we reshape the industry across WA.

Today, Scoop represents more arts, events and travel industry operators than any other association in WA and is growing rapidly. With a subscriber and industry contact list of 50,000+ we represent a powerful, independent force for positive change for the industry in WA.

I look forward to working with you all for better times ahead.

David Hogan | Scoop Digital

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