50+ Perth Festival video previews
Scoop’s collated more than 50 video previews for next year’s festival, available for viewing on your phone or desktop. Check out these amazing acts and buy your tickets before they sell out!
The Great Tamer
Feb 8 – 12, State Theatre Centre of WA

Ticket price: $36 - $75

Internationally recognised for directing the Athens 2004 Olympic ceremonies, Dimitris Papaioannou conducts performers to create poetic vignettes that are at once macabre and beautiful, brimming with humour, horror, circus-like stunts and optical illusions.
Mar 2, Chevron Gardens

Ticket price: From $56

Mashing cosmic ambience with bouncy, turbulent beats, Orbital are a testament to the enduring strength of old-school, rave-friendly electronic music. Renowned for epic festival appearances and tracks that bubble with ethereal giddiness, Orbital thrive where punk meets acid-tinged house.
Lang Toi: My Village
Feb 8 – 17, Regal Theatre

Ticket price: $36 - $70

Merging tradition and innovation, Lang Toi uses poetic imagery, folk music and incredible acrobatic skill to create a spellbinding event for the whole family. Experience the beauty of Vietnamese culture as contortionists, acrobats and jugglers accompanied by live musicians evoke the daily life of a traditional village.
One Infinity
Feb 7 – 10, His Majesty's Theatre

Ticket price: $36 - $60

Music and movement merge to create a hypnotic and meditative ritual in this cross-cultural collaboration between Beijing and Australia. What begins as a concert of hauntingly beautiful music soon reveals another dimension, as dancers echo the sounds with their gently shifting bodies.
Boorna Waanginy
Feb 8 – 11, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

Ticket price: Free

In this mesmerizing art installation, projectors transform the trees and avenues into an ever-moving canvas of Noongar culture, science, cutting-edge technology and breathtaking artistry. Celebrate and explore the interconnectedness of all life and the fragile beauty of South West Australia.
Sink or Swim
Dec 31 - Jan 6, UWA Somerville

Ticket price: $19

For a group of 50-something blokes the unlikely pastime of choice is...synchronised swimming. With a terrific cast including Mathieu Amalric and Benoit Poelvoorde, all in their bathers, Sink or Swim is a crowd-pleasing Full-Monty-style production, fresh from the Cannes Film Festival.