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November 2021


This year just keeps throwing things at our industry. Our heart goes out to industry members that have been impacted by the devastating floods in British Columbia in weeks passed. At CHC, we have been working hard to try to help support growers through this tragic time.

We have put out a formal statement, on behalf of our entire industry, calling for immediate federal action to address the supply chain disruptions that have impacted so many of you.

Another major issue impacting our industry right now is the detection of Potato Wart in Prince Edward Island (PEI) last month, which will significantly impact our potato exports to the United States. 
In response to this, we are supporting PEI potato growers through this challenging time, and pushing the federal government to prioritize the re-opening of the export market to the United States. See our full statement on this here.

Finally, some good news! Next year we are celebrating our Centennial during our in-person Annual General Meeting in March. Registration is currently open and we hope to see you all there.


Rebecca Lee
Executive Director
Canadian Horticultural Council 

North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) is looking for projects
NAPPO is specifically seeking proposals for new regional standards for phytosanitary measures (RSPM), revision of existing RSPMs, and new tools that support the implementation of existing standards. Proposals may focus on the development or revision of regional standards, workshops to improve the implementation of standards, technical and scientific documents, protocols, or other projects to develop similar and consistent approaches for plant health measures. NAPPO standards play a critical role in safeguarding plant resources and creating new opportunities for producers and exporters. Visit the NAPPO website to view the criteria for proposals, download the submission forms, and read about other requirements. Please send your proposals no later than January 7, 2022, to the CFIA at .


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Jody Mott

Executive Director, Holland Marsh Growers’ Association 

Chair, CHC Industry Standards & Food Safety Working Group

Jody has been the Executive Director of the Holland Marsh Growers’ Association for the past seven years, representing root crop producers and packers federally, provincially and municipally. She is Chair of the Industry Standards and Food Safety Committee for the Canadian Horticultural Council and Vice-chair of the Vegetable Working Group – positions she has held since 2016. 
Jody has been a director on the CanAgPlus Board since 2016, and has served on several not-for-profit boards, including the Greater Golden Horseshoe Alliance, York-Simcoe Minor Hockey League and the Bradford Board of Trade. She has assisted many farmers to implement food safety programs throughout Canada. 
Jody has been involved in a wide range of projects to promote the interests of farmers and is passionate in her commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture in today’s world. 

Tell us about your job - what do you do day to day and what are your long-term goals? It really depends on the day because every day is different. The main work I do involves representing around 128 farmers in the area by supporting and addressing challenges that they are facing. This is achieved by working with other ag associations and different levels of Government.

Why did you choose to work in this industry?  I started working with farms through my work on the local board of trade. In conversation, my predecessor asked me to come onboard with the HMGA and take on some of the workload. Four years later I became a full time Executive Director. I love my job, and love that farmers make a difference to the people throughout Canada and are able to feed everyone.

What do you most respect/admire about Canadian growers? I respect/admire their drive and determination, along with their passion for production. They have an eagerness to feed communities and to make sure that food is put on the table. 

How has the pandemic affected your operation? It is hard to know what normal is anymore, as the association has had too many complex situations each day. We are trying to get pre-pandemic work done, while addressing how COVID-19 impact farmers at the same time, there is always a new challenge. The big challenge we overcame was facilitating over 4,000 double vaccinations for HMGA ag works. Once this was completed we then assisted both York Region and Simcoe health region to arrange clinics for other ag workers. This was achieved by assisting health units to facilitate clinics, and found clinics to provide the vaccinations. We were the airport controller of vaccines.

As a grower, what has been your operations biggest challenges in the short/long term and how did you address them? As an association a challenge has been in voicing the message that farmers are stewards of the land, and that they take care of the tools that they have for growing their products - the land. We continue to work with local regulatory bodies on this. Another challenge has been finding ways to grow the association, and providing the staff capacity we require to help farmers with their needs. 

What is your favourite dish with Canadian fruit or veg? My favourites are cheddar broccoli soup and carrot cake. 
Registration now open for the Canadian Horticultural Council’s 2022 Annual General Meeting 

The AGM is an opportunity for leaders in fruit and vegetable production, business, and federal government to come together to discuss priority issues and decide on a course of action for addressing these issues in the coming year. 
The 2022 AGM will be held March 7-10, 2022 at the Westin Ottawa Hotel. This event will also be about celebrating significant milestones as we mark our 100th anniversary!

On the AGM website page, you will find information on accommodations, registration and sponsorship opportunities.

Registration now for the 15th annual Canadian Fertilizer Products Forum (CFPF)

Fertilizer Canada, in joint partnership with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and the Fertilizer Supplements Advisory Committee (FSAC) host this event each year to help ensure that fertilizers and supplements in Canada are globally competitive and that growers have access to new products in a timely manner. View the agenda and register here

Exploring the Future of Food

What does the path towards a resilient, vibrant and innovative Canadian food industry look like?

Find out by joining us on Canada’s Agriculture Day, February 22, 2022, for a unique virtual event. Forward-thinking brands and experts will discuss how Canada can lead the way in creating long-term growth in agriculture and food while leaving a positive impact on our society and the environment.

Mark your calendars.

February 22, 2022
11 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Eastern

More event and registration details are coming soon!

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