Monthly newsletter for Spanish Students at ILISA. Issue: June 2013, Butler University and Valdosta State University at ILISA.
June 2013

Butler University

Eighteen students of Butler University were selected to do a Spanish Immersion Program at ILISA for a period of 3 weeks. Their professors selected for them, a program which consists only of individual tutoring. Taking these private classes is the most efficient way of learning the Spanish language. In addition to that the program included cultural excursions to museums, danceclasses and weekendtrips to the beach and the rainforest. This three week intensive program not only enhanced the students Spanish skills as well as it provided them with University Credits, it also contributed to their knowledge about Costa Rica and the Latin-American culture. 

Get to know our staff

María Eugenia Quesada Solano
Edad: 60 años, 38 años de ser profesora de francés y español. 
Pasatiempos: Bordar, leer, coleccionar estampillas. 
Lo que más me gusta de enseñar es el contacto con personas de diferentes nacionalidades y ser testigo del avance del estudiante. 
Ilisa es una escuela de idiomas altamente calificada para la enseñanza de diferentes lenguas. Promueve el aprendizaje en un ambiente adecuado para que la experiencia de adquirir un idioma sea una aventura inolvidable y provechosa. 

Katrina (Junio 2013): '' Costa Rica is great! I have truly learned so much at ILISA and my professors have been fantastic! If I wasn´t finished with my degree, I would most definitely return!¨

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Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University is the first big University group that joined us this summer for a Spanish Immersion Program. Four weeks of Spanish classes provided the students with University credits and, same as for Butler students, a great experience. One of the many activities they participated in, was a football match on an outdoor soccerfield. 

On of our weekend activities included in the Summer program is a trip to Rincon de la Vieja. Horsebackriding, ziplining and taking a mudbath in the termic area of Costa Rica. Being in the nature makes one acquainted with the countries beauty! Not only the students from the university could participate on this trip, but also all the other students at ILISA joined. 


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