Monthly newsletter for Spanish Students at ILISA. Issue: November 2013,Winter Program 
November 2013

Students Report of Laurie Noe

(…) I came here four weeks ago with an extremely basic and limited knowledge of Spanish (I could barely utter "hola" and "como esta"!) (…) My confidence is growing every day as I learn new concepts and practice them in class (…)

The professors are all very intelligent, highly educated, and capable instructors. Each instructor brings his or her own unique style and perspective to the classroom. I enjoy the fact that ILISA's teaching philosophy embraces the idea of changing the instructors every one to two weeks for each student, so that you have the opportunity to learn from various pedagogical approaches to language learning (…).

(…)I've enjoyed the trips offered by Ilisa to local towns such as Heredia and visits to local cultural events at the Teatro Nacional hosted by the school. These additional activities have been a fantastic way for me to increase my exposure to Spanish while learning more about Costa Rica and it's cultural and artistic diversity. The dance classes are a great supplement to the formal language training because it's another way to learn Spanish through dance while having fun. (…)

(…) My host family provides us with delicious, healthy meals and makes sure that we are comfortable and happy. They are warm and caring people and I appreciate all they have done for me.(…)

I'm very pleased that I decided to take the plunge and come to Costa Rica to study Spanish at ILISA. I am thrilled that I am able to speak, understand, and read Spanish now. Hopefully, in the near future I can return to ILISA to continue my Spanish studies (as I've noticed that many students do this at ILISA) and that next time my husband can come to ILISA to study Spanish, too!
- Laurie Noe

Get to know Dennis

El profesor Dennis O Quiros Leiva está con nosotros desde el 2005. ¿Y qué nos dice sobre su experiencia de enseñar el idioma en Ilisa?

“Obviamente que lo primero es facilitar en los estudiantes que se comuniquen en otro idioma. Un idioma no es solo un instrumento para hablar o escuchar, es una forma de pensar. Hay situaciones que se pueden comunicar más específicamente en un idioma que en otro, como es el caso de la duda por el subjuntivo en español. Pero, además, está en contacto cultural: conocer personas de otras nacionalidades, a veces tan distintas como los asiáticos (chinos, japoneses, coreanos...). Como docente de español como segunda lengua, uno tiene que tener mucho cuidado para no herir sensibilidades y para comprender las diferencias culturales, también promover que los estudiantes comprendan que las prácticas culturales no son buenas o malas, simplemente son diferentes."

Report of trainees experiences
We are Anna and Annika, the trainees of ILISA during the past two month. Annika worked one month more than me (Anna), and we tried to help the students of ILISA as good as possible, we helped them to organize their trips at the weekends and tried to answer all the questions they had.
Moreover we were in charge of keeping the facebook page up to date and, of course, writing the newsletter.
We got to know many different people from many different countries and it was a very nice experience. The staff of ILISA is very friendly and they always tried to understand us, if we couldn’t find the words in Spanish. We enjoyed the wonderful mountain view from the terrace of the school (...). We have spent three months in one of the most beautiful countries of the world, with its precious nature, diverse culture and wonderful people. Thank you for the interesting experience!

In this Issue:             

  • Students Report of Laurie Noé
  • Get to know Dennis
  • Report of trainees experiences
  • Online language courses
  • El día de las culturas
   Online language courses   

Are your interested in maintaining or increasing your language skills at home after completing language course at ILISA? Ilisa offers online language courses that allow our students to learn the language in a one-to-one program with our professors in Costa Rica via Skype. It´s available for all Spanish levels, from beginners to advanced and specialized Spanish like e.g. business, medicine, law, education. For further information please contact our enrollment coordinator Fabiola at We will be more than happy to help you arrange your Spanish Language continuation program! 

"Ilisa indubitaly focused on learning, aprending and comprehensing my language of choice. I would recommend this program tp anyone given the fact that the professors work hand-in-hand with you."

Candice Knowles

Día de las Culturas 19.10.2013

On October 19th ILISA celebrated the "Day of the cultures". Our students brought traditional food and clothes to introduce visitors into the different cultures. All groups had a fantastic decoration and delicious food so it was a wonderful day with many impressions.  

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