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My Weekend

I've grown up camping.  Family tent camping.  Familly in the pop up camper.  Girl scout camping.  Back pack camping.  Couples tent camping.  Family RV camping.  Primative back-of-the-car camping.

But until now, I'd never done "deer lease camping."

It was a blast, but it was different.

It's a family campsite, so there were NOT a bunch of grown men sitting around drinking and stinking.

My boys had someone else to play with.

I had other moms to talk to.

Communal parenting happened.  Particularly when the boys were being foolish.

We have limited access to water or electricity.  Both require the use of a generator.  The camp is at the end of an unmarked and un-named dirt road.  

At night, there were so many stars that it took my breath away.

Opening day for rifle hunting is still a few weeks away.  I'm still unsure how I'll handle the sounds of hunting.  I'm still unsure how I will process seeing an animal being brought into camp.

My boys will be at my side, so I get to mother them through it all.

I'm crocheting neon orange hats.  I guess it's my way to protect my boys and think through this change in our lives.


31 Days of Joy in Motherhood...

... What triggers your joy?

Have you ever had something in your home that makes you smile every time you walk past it?

I have a photo of me with one of the boys when they were a baby.  It's a close up of our faces and we are clearly laughing and giggling.  It's not even a good picture (I had no makeup on and am clearly sleep deprived and hormonal).  But it makes me smile every time I see it.   Why?  Because I can remember how I felt when it was taken.  I remember the joy of my child's first laugh.

I have a cluster of dried up weed flowers in my jewelry box.  Half the petals have fallen off and it was never a pretty bouquet to begin with.  But I pause and smile over it several times each week.  I can remember the look on my boys' faces as they each ran to me with a handful of grass and flowers in their chubby hands.  They would proudly yell "Here momma.  A fower!" as they raced toward me with pure joy on their faces.  I remember it like it was yesterday, yet the flowers are almost 5 years old already.

I have a tiny pile of paper in my nightstand left from Mother's Day.  The boys made me card after card after card as I sat in bed and tried to enjoy the breakfast they had served me.  (Tomatoes, cheese, and fruit snacks with a warm diet coke).  I grin at the impossibleness of that day.  (I hate tomatoes.)

There's an ancient happy meal toy in the laundry room window.  I can't tell you how many times my husband has tried to throw it away.  I've fished it out of the trash more than once.  I reminds me of a silly game my mom and I would play.  When I see that plastic junk in the window, I think of my mom and I'm not alone in the laundry room any longer.  I feel a connection to her, and that makes me smile.  

I have a tiny (1 inch square) framed scripture that was a gift from a friend several years back.  It was carried in my makeup bag as we moved from place to place during our remodel.  It reminded me that I was not alone and that there always people to call on when I needed a friend.

Throughout my home, I have strategically placed tiny joy triggers.  I place them in spots where I am most likely to feel isolated or stressed or undervalued, and they help me to feel connected and calm and valued.  They bring me joy.

So I ask you today - what triggers your joy?  What "joy triggers" can you plant around your house today?
Menu Monday

What's Cooking?

Monday: Meatloaf
Tuesday: Soccer - sandwiches
Wednesday: Beans and cornbread
Thursday: Soccer - pizza
Friday: OUT (1/2 day school)
Saturday:  Soccer games, steak
Sunday:  Football food
Monthly Goals


October Goals:
1. 31 DAYS CHALLENGE (blog)
2. Get house "party ready"
3. Open house party and halloween
4. Kids: keep calendar habit
5. Kids: put laundry away
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