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We just wanted to give you an exciting update on all that is happening at the Mount St. Helens Creation Center!

This winter was busy! We had over 120 people attending our Creation Worldview Classes (a 20-week series). There were about 450 people that attended our Hands-on Workshops, and about 300 people that came to other special presentations. We built a temporary museum showcasing the Mount St. Helens eruption, and a brand-new website. It’s been an exciting season, but the calendar is changing.

Our Field Adventures for this year begin May 18th on the 41st anniversary of the eruption. These are fun field trips to the Mountain. Each of the three trips we offer include a car tour, a group picnic, and a hike. It is a fun way to spend the day with family and friends, as well as learn the scientific case for creation. Why not join us this summer? Find out more about these tours, or to sign-up, please visit

Field Adventures

The other big news is that construction on the brand-new Dinosaur & Fossil Museum begins this next month. This museum will house the $52,000.00 fossil collection that has been donated by J.D. & Bonnie Mitchell. While construction begins soon, we still need to raise a little funding to finish the project. If you’d be willing to financially get behind this project, you can give to our GoFundMe at

Support the D&FM

Please consider making the Mount St. Helens Creation Center part of your plans this summer!

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