May 2nd 2014

Another Biblical Flood?

The Washington Post headline for April 30th 2014 is fascinating;

Freak “S” shaped storm unleashes biblical rain in Pensacola

Flooding in PensacolaThe floods caused by Tuesday night's rain were indeed devastating. However, to describe them as "biblical" requires a great leap of imagination. Presumably, the newspaper is comparing what happened in Pensacola to what happened in Noah's day. But, just in case any christians want to use the comparison, let's just expplain some important distinctives.

After the biblical Flood, God promised that He would never again send a flood like that one. So, if the Pensacola floods really were like the biblical Flood then God has not kept his promise.

But God always keeps His promises. you see, the Flood in Genesis covered the entire Earth. So no local flood since then can compare to the biblical Flood. God has not sent another biblical Flood.

Get Ready

Don't Miss the BoatHowever, God will one day bring the world to an end. This time it will be by fire, according to 2 Peter 3. So, just as Noah and his family were saved by the grace of God, through faith, by means of the Ark, so people today need to get ready by repenting and putting their trust completely in Jesus, by the grace of God. Pensacola has not had a biblical Flood, but that fact alone should remind us that there is a judgment to come, but there is also a means of salvation.

Don't Miss the Boat

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