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September 2020

Peace in our valley!

We are praising God that a ceasefire was signed this past month between two conflicting groups in the valley where we live. Because of this conflict, the lady who helps us in our house and the man who helps tend to our yard haven't been able to come to work since we returned from furlough, almost a year and a half ago! We are so happy to see them again! Please find more details below:

A local village near SIL-PNG’s Ukarumpa Center has signed a ceasefire, a significant first step toward lasting peace. The conflict has been ongoing for multiple generations, flaring up in August 2018. This affected employees and casual workers from both sides of the conflict who were working at Ukarumpa. In 2018 and 2019, SIL-PNG facilitated staff meetings exploring ways to mitigate risk to all staff.

However, in July 2019, a security incident related to this conflict occurred at the Ukarumpa Centre, leading to employees from the fighting village being laid off for 60 days (this also affected casual workers). They were informed that they would be permitted to return to work if fighting stopped and a ceasefire was signed within that period. This did not occur, and there was further fighting in the months that followed.

In March 2020, a ceremony involving both parties breaking their weapons in the presence of church and government leaders was held. On 31 August, 2020, both parties met at their district office to sign a formal cease fire.

Aiyura Valley communities and leaders, including the Ukarumpa Centre, have been praying for and working towards a peaceful solution. Praise God for this cease fire. Pray for restoration and lasting peace.


  • We were unexpectedly able to take a short trip in-country for some time together as a family at the end of July. It was a much needed break from the added strains of life with COVID restrictions. We praise God for His provision and timing, for sustaining us through unexpected blessings like this.
  • The kids were able to return to school face-to-face with some precautions in place for the start of this new school year in August! They are so excited to be with their teachers and friends again. 
  • Eight colleagues were able to return last week to PNG--the first to come back in at least 6 months! They were granted permission to quarantine in their homes here in Ukarumpa rather than in the capital at a designated hotel which would have been a huge added financial burden. We are hopeful that more of our colleagues will be able to begin to return!
  • Luke was very ill at the end of August with a rash and very high fevers and we were close to medevacing him to Australia. We praise God for giving wisdom to the small team treating him and we praise God for healing and that we were able to stay here, as COVID could have made returning to PNG challenging. Although we may never know what he had, we praise God that he is fully recovered!


  • We are continuing to work with very low numbers. We are reminded this week with the story of Gideon, that God was glorified through a victory in which He allowed only 1% of Gideon's army to remain to fight. We are small in numbers, but we serve a God who has all the power and resources at His disposal, Who continues to sustain us through the ups and downs of these unprecedented times. Pray that more of our colleagues (including physicians and nurses) can return in His timing and for continued strength and endurance.
  • Pray for continued protection and health for our community, for wisdom for each family and individual to take necessary precautions to keep our community healthy. 

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