Filabot Wee Available for Pre-Order. Get in line now!

Filabot Wee Pre-Order

The Filabot Wee is a filament extruder that uses the same technology that industrial filament extruders use. Only the Filabot Wee is much smaller, cost less, saves you money on filament, and lowers the cost of 3D printed objects. The Filabot Wee turns low cost plastic pellets into 3D printing filament that holds the same tolerance as commercially bought filament. Using the Filabot Wee to produce filament provide a 90% cost savings advantage over purchasing filament online. The Filabot Wee can pay itself off in a year at the estimated consumption rate of 2lbs of filament per month. They will go fast pre-order now!

Plastic Pellets and Supplies 

Filabot is your best source for plastic pellets and for colorants. We have a steady supply of ABS and PLA pellets and we are always expanding our colorants to provide you with the widest range of filament colors at a fraction of the cost of filament purchased online. 

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