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How Lawyers Can Help Clients

Usually our newsletter covers a particular subject area such as buying or selling property, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Commercial Law etc.  This newsletter is a little different.

We thought people may be interested in various issues that have arisen over time that show why it can be a very good idea to have a Lawyer assist you.

Obviously we take our obligations of client confidentiality very seriously so no names are used and where necessary we may have varied the fact scenario slightly to avoid identifying particular people.  Having said that these examples occurred.

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Buying Rural Blocks in NSW - There is electricity isn't there?

Rural blocks in NSW are very popular but there are some important checks we need to make.  As well as the usual review of the Contract to check for easements, closed roads, problems with the title etc we also check with the Council re building approvals.  Some less well known but very important searches include checking if the dams are larger than the ‘harvestable right’ and therefore require approvals, checking for noxious weeds notices, checking the bore is licenced, checking the septic system has approvals.

Most rural subdivisions install roads, fences and power if available to the block.  Recently we had a couple of matters where we checked with the Lawyers for the Developer and were told there would be electricity available to the front of a block and the Buyer would be responsible for connecting to their house.  Seemed reasonable but we thought we might dig a bit deeper.  Power would be on a pole ‘near’ the front of the block and our client would be expected to arrange for a transformer and underground cabling for around 200 metres.  The cost was tens of thousands of dollars.  By checking and digging a bit deeper we saved the client from a nasty surprise.  On each occasion the clients decided to buy elsewhere.


Commercial Property in the ACT - Surely I can operate a Gym from this building

In the ACT we have Crown Leases rather than freehold title.  The Crown Leases include a lease purpose clause detailing what the property can be used for ie office, retail shop, warehouse etc.  For units titled property the Unit Plan details the purposes.

We had a client that was looking to buy a commercial property.  They wanted to operate their gym business from the premises.  All looked to be OK until we checked the purpose clause.  Unfortunately a gym was not covered.  The client avoided a fairly costly mistake and bought elsewhere where they could operate a gym.


Wills - I'll get around to doing a Will Later

A client came to see us about a Will.  He had separated from his wife some time before and was in a new relationship.  He made various drafts of a will but couldn't quite get around to signing the Will.  This was fairly understandable as the client had been diagnosed with a serious health condition.

Time passed and the client passed away. The dispute that arose surrounding the estate, provision for the children the estranged wife and the new partner was long and expensive.  With no valid Will in place the matter went to the Supreme Court.  The ideal to prepare a Will is before you need one.


Family Law - My wife said I should sign this document

Family Law matters can be difficult.  Emotions run high, property and children can be involved.  A client came to us and said his wife wanted him to sign a document.  The document was a Binding Financial Agreement that required us to provide a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice in order to resolve a property split.

We looked over the document and pointed out our client was getting considerably less than he should.  We negotiated with the other Lawyers, worked in with our client and he eventually received a whole lot more.  Our legal fees were a very small percentage compared with the overall benefit our client received.  Just as well we helped him out.



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