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Producer Spotlight

Yusef Muhammad

A media executive by trade, Yusef Muhammad has all the chops of a seasoned professional, spending much of his time as a community producer at HMS - 16 years to be exact. And though Yusef could teach us all a thing or two, he's likely to inquire about your pearls of wisdom and share his genuine interest and excitement.

"I love being around other producers and the [HMS] staff, I like to surround myself by other likeminded individuals and learn about different production styles," Yusef says.

Throughout his time with HMS, Yusef has collaborated on countless productions in nearly every capacity - from operating cameras to editing and beyond.

"HMS is where I started training in media production - though it never felt like 'training' because at HMS we're one big family," Yusef adds. "The moment you walk in you feel welcome, everyone's friendly - there are no limits placed on you, all ideas are embraced and the folks there always make you feel like they're learning from you too. The energy and creativity is always fresh, and you always feel that they've contributed to your projects."

In 1996 Yusef started his own media production company, FC Films, which later became Frequency Communications. He co-founded the Black Broadcasting Network, a cable television channel making history when it launched in 2009 as the fourth independently owned and operated cable network for African-Americans on TV. In 2012 he was named Minority Small Business Champion of the Year by the Small Business Administration, garnering him congressional recognition at the 2013 International Business Power Lunch held at the International Trade Center.

Yusef's current projects include performances by former Prince bass player and current Nick Jonas bass player, Josh Dunham and Beyonce's drummer, Cora Dunham. His most recent project is with Shaquile O'neal's The Comedy Shaq, specifically the Backstage Confidential interviews with celebrity comedians such as D.L. Hughley and Tommy Davidson. Those videos can be seen here.

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