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Saturdays won't be the same

Get inspired by the musical fusion that is HMS Net Radio, starting with a Saturday lineup that is sure to appeal to nearly everyone. Fridays and Saturdays at midnight, listen to Christian Arnheiter’s 70s Punk and Beyond.  This program is a lively tour of the international punk scene, rich with history and anecdotes about punk musicians, culture and the surprising ties that bind it to other music genres.  Christian's longtime love affair with punk rock comes through in each show, and if you're lucky, he'll play a song or two from his own contribution to Houston punk, The Hates.  If his name or image seems familiar, it's possible you may have seen him riding around the city on a scooter with a guitar strapped to his back.  

Recently, Christian and his band, The Hates, won the top slot for the city's first publicly curated playlist inspired by the Bayou City via Cactus Records & Culture Pilot for Houston Social Media Week 2013,  with their rousing version of Dean Martin's classic tune, "Houston".  His latest project is a self-published book that chronicles his nearly 35-year journey as a punk frontman, called Just a Houston Punk, which has received positive reviews from the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Press, and Free Press Houston.

“Christian is a perfect example of what we’re all about,” says Ronnie Renfrow, HMS Net Radio Program Director. “He’s got prodigious talent and outstanding creative chops.” Christian is also venturing into the video production side of HMS, with a documentary project in the works.

 “Christian came to us with a killer idea for a program that you can’t get anywhere else,” Ronnie adds. “Besides, you can’t help but love a guy who’s hair color changes each week, how cool is that!”

Speaking of cool – be sure to check out the rest of our Saturday lineup:
Midnight          Christian Arnheiter’s 70s Punk and Beyond
11 a.m.            Kim Lykins Houston Arts Radio
5 p.m.              Classic Cool with Ronnie Renfrow
6 p.m.              David Adickes Swing Shift
7  p.m.             Saturday Swing Session
11 p.m.            Eric Revis Patties Radio
Midnight          Christian Arnheiter’s 70s Punk and Beyond
This is a musical menu you can't get anywhere else. Listen online and on your mobile at
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