AOOS E-news - Holiday Edition
Happy Holidays from AOOS!

Another eventful year is coming to a close. Here at AOOS, we are thankful for all the accomplishments of our partners and collaborators over the past year.

Some highlights include:
  • Successful recording and identification of marine mammal calls in the Chukchi Sea gathered with an acoustic recorder mounted on an underwater glider. (Thanks UAF autonomous glider pilots!) more
  • Another successful Yukon Chinook Salmon Run timing outlook and forecast, thanks to a partnership with NOAA and ADFG. (Now we need Congress to appropriate funds for community disaster assistance and research!)  more
  • The last minute wave buoy pick-up in the Bering Strait made possible by Olgoonik Fairweather in early November. more
  • The special issue of Continental Shelf Research that published the work and findings of many AOOS colleagues from the 2009 Prince William Sound Field Experiment. more
  • Our partnership with Gulf Watch Alaska – great to see the PIs share field observations at the recent meeting at AOOS. more

And we are thankful for all of the people who support healthy Alaska oceans, coastline and bountiful marine resources. We’d particularly like to acknowledge:
  • Our founding members Doug DeMaster (NOAA), John Goll (retired MMS), and Lawson Brigham (then with US Arctic Research Commission) and their vision for an AOOS program back in 2003.
  • The supportive AOOS Board and new members Duncan Fields, Margaret Williams, and Robert Raye.
  • Our data team at Axiom Consulting & Design, continually innovating new data tools and keeping AOOS on the forefront of data integration and display (and moving several blocks closer to us in December).  We congratulate them on their new contract with the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System and a new office on the east coast.
  • All three members of the Alaska Congressional delegation – Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski and Congressman Don Young - and their efforts in support of Alaska’s oceans and coast, including sponsoring the Integrated Ocean and Coastal Ocean Observing Act reauthorization, promoting Arctic Science and infrastructure, and leading ocean caucus discussions.
  • All 22,000+ unique visitors to our website in 2013.

We look forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary with many colleagues, users, and stakeholders in the coming year.

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