Merry Christmas one and all 
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Emma Rose Art Works

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Lunch Tues-Sun 12-3 .  Dinner  Tue-Sat 7-10

0208 741 4928

Emma Rose's paintings are also on view at 78 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD

Commissions happily undertaken
View of Beyond . 50x100cm . £690
Racing The Mist . 50x100cm . £690

In each sail that skims the horizon,

In each landward-blowing breeze,

I behold that stately galley,

Hear those mournful melodies;


Till my soul is full of longing

For the secret of the sea,

And the heart of the great ocean

Sends a thrilling pulse through me. 

Henry Longfellow 1850

Lightfall Over The Bay . 35x45cm . £390

‘A very strange stranger it must be, who does not see charms in the immediate environs of Lyme, to make him wish to know it better.  The principal street almost hurrying into the water, the Walk to the Cobb, skirting round the pleasant little bay, which, in the season, is animated with bathing machines and company...are what the stranger's eye will seek.  The scenes, with its high grounds and extensive sweeps of country, and still more, its sweet, retired bay, backed by dark cliffs, where fragments of low rock among the sands, make it the happiest spot for watching the flow of the tide, for sitting in unwearied contemplation’ - Jane Austen

Moonfrost . 61x71cm . £775

Before my bed there is bright moonlight

So that it seems like hoar-frost on the ground:

Lifting my head I watch the bright moon,

Lowering my head I dream that I'm home.  


A poem by Li Bai 


Floating City . 30x40cm . £390

 There are certain cities, take New York or Hong Kong which are built by water, that have such high creative and business energy that they look and feel at times as if they are floating.  

Scottish Sea . 60x50cm . £390

A combination of weaving, the soft mauves and purples of the Highlands and the beautiful bleak seascapes of Scotland.  Long sands married with tartan and heather

The Reef . 70x90cm . £750

 Deep in the wave is a coral grove,

Where the purple mullet and gold-fish rove; where the sea-flower spreads its leaves of blue that never are wet with falling dew, But in bright and changeful beauty shine Far down in the green and glassy brine.

James G Percival 1843


Echo Beach . 35x45cm . £390

 Peeling paint, rust, lichen, verdigris, sand dunes, forgotten water, distant horizons.  The perfect English beach out of season. 
Alluvial . 77x77cm . £700

Jurassic coast Jive . Archeology meets art

Seurat's Seine . 50x70cm . £500

In homage to Georges-Pierre Seurat (1859-1891) 


Seurat - the French Post Impressionist painter noted for devising pointillism.  His great works reflect the light distilled colours of the Paris river.

Peacock Palace . 40x80cm . £550

For everything seemed resting on his nod,
As they could 
read in all eyes. 

Now to them,
Who were accustomed, as a sort of god, 

To see the sultan, rich in many a gem, 

Like an imperial peacock stalk abroad 

(That royal bird, whose tail's a diadem) 

With all the pomp of power, it was a doubt 

How power could condescend to do without

Lord Byron

Burning Blue . 100x100cm . £800

‘In the kingdom by the sea, by the mountains mantled blue…’ 

Christopher Paolini

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