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Please welcome our January guest writer, Cher Hanusiak, Owner/Blogger, EcoBravo.

Community and Education – the two greatest gifts we can give each other.
My greatest motivation as a consumer is recognizing that I have the power to vote with my dollar. The products I spend my money on I am choosing to support, whether it is a conscious decision or not. Your dollar is your vote.
We can support companies that practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – or we can support unsafe work conditions, poverty wages, child labour, destruction of rainforests or any other environmental calamity, without knowing it. The impact of our buying power is far and wide.
As much as possible, I strive to support the companies that are working for good, and yes, there are many of them. Finding who they are and promoting them is critical to their success, and that is part of what the Green Chamber of Commerce BC will do, at a local and provincial level. This will help build a green community by setting standards and promoting sustainable business practices.
I believe in the power of collective individual change.
I started my blog, Eco Bravo, to inspire people to make more meaningful buying decisions. It is about the individual, and what we can do on a daily basis to encourage and guide consumerism towards more sustainable and ethical values. I admire companies that are using best practices to help the earth and to build community.
I was recently part of a national Town Hall meeting (via telephone) with Maude Barlow and the Council of Canadians. Over 10,000 citizens participated in the event. This number represents a portion of Canadians who strongly believe in protecting our natural resources and our democracy. Although the GCCBC is not political, in many ways the green community is part of a larger political picture that includes lobbying governments to set standards for industry and business that are better for all of us. These standards are almost always brought about by grassroots reform and education.
We need to build community. We need to support small (and large) sustainable businesses. We need to educate individuals and business leaders on the importance of sustainability and accountability. To me, that’s what being part of the Green Chamber of Commerce is fundamentally about: promoting education and building a strong community around business leaders who support these practices.
Cher Hanusiak

Amir Tehrani, P. Eng, LEED AP, Partner at BC Comfort.
With over a decade experience in the area of sustainable design, Amir Tehrani completed his B.Eng degree with a focus on Building Mechanical systems and specialized in HVAC in 1997. Subsequently, he started his career in the Building HVAC systems.

His work experience has gradually raised his personal interest in sustainability. He continued to work with major engineering firms in Vancouver as a senior mechanical engineer specialized in high performance and energy efficient commercial buildings.

He is currently a partner at BC Comfort Group,
 a design-build mechanical contracting & engineering firm established in 1972, and has been involved with designing and building of hundreds of sustainable projects in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. Amir has been a member of Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia and Ontario since 2004.

As a triathlete, he has continued his involvement in the North Shore community to promote a healthy and sustainable life style within his family and the community and is now working towards finishing Iron Man Canada in 2013 held in Whistler, BC.   

Cher Hanusiak is a Post Production Supervisor in the BC film industry and a Green Lifestyle Blogger. She has worked in film for the past 10 years and is embarking on an eco-preneurial adventure in 2013 - which she will no doubt blog about. 

She lives in the West End of Vancouver with her awesome, grateful husband and darling 1 year old son.

Lyndon Johnson, Quality Control Advisor, BC Insulators Local 118 International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers (BC Insulators)

With over 20 years’ experience in the insulation industry, and with a background in communication, Lyndon is involved, with a passion for sustainability, in advancing the mechanical insulation industry as part of the leadership team at the BC Insulators. 

He is skilled at helping community members, stakeholders, and decision-makers understand complex concepts and trade-offs involved in the installation of mechanical insulation.
Lyndon has been working with communities and local governments to implement changes in building code and construction practices that would reduce Green House Gas (GHG).

GCCBC Update:

Happy New Year!

The Green Chamber of Commerce BC is happy to welcome 3 new members on board our Steering Committee:

Amir Tehrani, P. Eng, LEED AP, Partner at BC Comfort

Cher Hanusiak, Blogger/Owner of EcoBravo

Lyndon Johnson, Quality Control 
Control Advisor, BC Insulators Heat & Frost Insulators local 118

With their support & guidance we look forward to making the Green Chamber of Commerce BC a successful organization in 2013!

Please stay tuned for more information on the launch!

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