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Dare to Do Something Outrageous!!

Our inner child loves to play, to laugh, to act silly. Furthermore, our inner child longs to  play, to go into the part of ourselves that can let go and act crazy. We would love to put on the mask of a clown and leave the hum-drum world of every-day life.  I really get  into the part. We not only have to cover our face, but change our clothes also, so there is no chance of being recognized. We can forget whether we look our best, how our clothes look, or if we are having a bad hair day. We become another person whose only job is to bring joy and happiness to others. 
Would you like to experiment with being a clown and to see where the clown lies in your hidden talents? I suggest for starters that you buy a rubber nose and wear it to a busy mall or on the street. Watch people’s expressions when they first see you. It will be a study in human personality to notice the reactions you get. Everyone will be surprised by the unexpected and will hurry by pretending that they did not see you. Some will smile but keep on with their tasks. Others will “play along” and become part of the game. What a fun way to act alive. 

Its mid-October and Halloween is fast approaching. In celebration, let’s act alive by “clowning around.”

Dare to Do Something Outrageous
by Dee Horn

Silly, dumb, laughing loudly
All the things I’ve spent my life to avoid
A clown picks up and makes victorious.
Too Short
Too Tall
Too Fat
Too Skinny
Silly, dumb, laughing loudly
All the things I’ve spent my life to avoid
A clown picks up and makes victorious.        

 “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes  you come alive. What the world needs is people who  have come alive.” Howard Thurman

In the midst of so much sadness, negativity, and despair how do we come alive? How do we exhibit joy and peace?
I think we need to pay attention to our senses, not only our physical senses but our internal compass. Shall we bring to the table of our everyday life a sense of wonder, curiosity and fun?

A Sense of Wonder - I watched in amazement as a bumblebee became completely enveloped in the throat of a lavender wild morning glory blossom. His body appeared to be twice the size of the throat of the bloom but so intent was he on reaching the nectar that he became invisible to my eyes. Then he wiggled his way out when he became satisfied that his mission was accomplished.

A Sense of Curiosity-As I watched the bee circle the flower I became curious and enthralled by the drama that was unfolding. How many times a day do you neglect to follow our curiosity? What would you do if you thought you had time to explore a whim and see where it led you? Our brains long for stimulation so follow your nose or the nosy part of you.

A Sense of Fun - How do you plan to celebrate Halloween? I will put on my clown make up and my “cat in the hat” hat and have fun with little kids when they come to my door for a treat. You may want to wear something outrageous. Send me a picture of your costume and I will post it on my Facebook page.

Most of all, when you change your person to one of being truly alive, you need grit and ginger. Grit has been defined as courage, perseverance and passion. Ginger is a spice but in common vernacular it is a sense of fire, which adds interest and excitement to life. 

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