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Happy Thanksgiving 

I hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving!

I highly recommend interviewing your family members.  It is an interesting way to learn about your family and Genealogy.  I wish I had the forethought to do this when my parents were still alive. You never know what is going to happen in life, so live it, embrace it; try to enjoy your family. 

Please read my article on how to organize a cabinet and tame kids clutter.  Also, please read the article about Athens Video, located on the east side of Athens. Do you have old photos, slides, vinyl records, audio cassette tapes and/or home videos that you want to have converted to a digital format?  Many people want to do this and list it on their Projects To Do.  You may tell day I will get around to doing this project, but that day just never comes to fruition. Athens Video can turn that project into DONE.  Anthony Barkdoll, owner of Athens Video, is a personal friend and he helps many of my clients with their "projects".  They are pleased with his work.

Happy Organizing,

Adele Tusson-Gross

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Organizing for Creativity and Simplicity

Children like to be near their parents when they play, create, and study.  In addition, it’s important to store things where they are used.  One way to achieve this and keep your space aesthetically pleasing is to purchase furniture that has storage built in and can be used for multiple purposes.

Simple Solution Organizing worked with a Downsizing / Staging Client in the spring that had a beautiful cabinet in her kitchen.  We transformed the contents of the cabinet to tame clutter and inspire her kids to put things away.  Putting things back where they belong is hard on kids…and the parents!  To make this process easier on everyone, designate a specific place that is close to the point of usage.  

We can help you designate or create homes for your stuff too.

Athens Video

Athens Video can archive your slides, photos, audio cassette tapes, vinyl records, and home videos. For audio and video, we can either create CDs and DVDs, or we can make digital files (such as MP3 files for audio, or QuickTime files for video) that you can store on a portable hard drive.

Please visit our website at or use these quicklinks:

For slides and photos

For Audio

For video

Due to copyright laws, we cannot convert any material that you do not have permission to transfer.

Anthony Barkdoll
Athens Video
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