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August News

Hello everyone,
ComboPlate Booking turns 17 this month - I can’t believe it myself!  In 2004, I started making agency samplers to mainly pass out at the Folk Alliance International Conference and at SXSW each year.  "Mixed up and not mastered, just homemade burned with love” is my motto printed on these each year.  Each CD features one or two songs of the artists I was working with at the time.  The cover photos have varied through the years. My favorites are the Photoshop jobs BettySoo made for me in 2009 and 2010 which featured my old cat Gaya and my old house, I miss both very much. To make things easier, lately I have been taking a photo of mine with some kind personal meaning, often from a place I’ve traveled in the past year.   
Well, I’ve been cleaning my office and have about 25-30 copies of the 2014, 2015, 2016 samplers - and about 7 or 8 of the 2011 samplers which features a photo of my parents dancing at Austin’s old fest, Austin Aqua Festival. I’d be happy to mail these to anyone who would like them - and to anywhere in the world.  If you are interested, please email me which year(s) you would like and your mailing address. Just the years listed please.  We will even throw in stickers and temporary tattoos if requested.  First come, first served.  All of these CDs have some artists no longer on the roster, but we love them still the same.  We hope you enjoy this photo of the sampler covers from the past 13 years:  
Has anyone else our there ever been interested in the coworking movement but maybe not wanting to do it every day and definitely not wanted to pay for it?  Well, I have, and I’m going to be starting up a “Coworking with ComboPlate” space once a week.  It will be a small group getting together to motivate each other & inspire each other weekly.  If you are interested in learning more, please email me.    
As always, thanks for reading.  We hope to see you at some of the shows listed below this month! 
xo Laura, Becca, Satchmo & The Roster

ComboPlate Booking Upcoming
Live Performances
Curtis McMurtry

Thu. August 11 @ Whole Foods - Bee Cave, TX
Wed. August 24 @ Blue Door - Oklahoma City, OK
Fri. August 25-August 27 @ Fayetteville Roots Festival - Fayetteville, AR
David Berkeley

Fri. August 5 @ Westside Taproom @ Marble Brewery - Abluquerque, NM
Sat. August 27 @ Studio Sessions - Santa Fe, NM
Sun. August 28 @ Art of Song - Albuquerque, NM
moonlight towers
Moonlight Towers

Sat. August 27 @ Hole in the Wall - Austin, TX
Nathan Hamilton
Nathan Hamilton

Fri. August 19 @ Strange Brew - Austin, TX
Curtis McMurtry

Thu. August 11 @ Threadgill's South - Austin, TX
Fri. August 19 @ Kessler Theater - Dallas, TX
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