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  November News

Hello everyone, 

Happy November.  As this has been such a divisive and stressful election season here in the States, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and to brighten up the conversation, we want to share with you a few things we love about this great country of ours:

Raina Rose - I have traveled through every state in the US. I've met countless people in the process of doing this job. 99.9% of citizens of this country are kind, present and want the same things: health and happiness for their families. The American dream is a lofty goal, but in most communities I've had the honor of visiting, we are doing better. 

Curtis McMurtry - America is already great because of the interstates!  Many thanks to Eisenhower!  We would be much less great without them. 

Nathan Hamilton - I have been fortunate enough to travel through most every state of this country and it has been my experience that the diversity of landscape itself speaks boldly to the ideal of the diversity of it's people. Here's hoping we can learn to be equally as harmonious.

David Berkeley - I love a lot about our country, even in these sullied times. My list of what I love is long. But sitting atop (or at least near the top) has got to be our National Park system. I've been to quite a few of them over the years and hope to hit them all at some point. This year we get into all the parks for free because my oldest boy is a 4th grader, but when there's an admissions fee I'm always happy to pay. 

Greg Vanderpool - I'm grateful this country was founded by people with a spirit of idealism. We don't always get it right, but we keep trying. I'm grateful for parks and lands that allow all of us to experience the "peace of wild things", and for the freedom to worship as we choose. I'm also grateful to those who fought and served to protect those ideals.

Laura Thomas - The USA is the most generous country in the world when it comes to charitable giving by individuals.  We experience this personally every year during our South By Soup Fest fundraiser for Caritas of Austin every March.   I too love our National Park Service - As Franklin D. Roosevelt said "There is nothing so American as our national parks... The fundamental idea behind the parks... is that the country belongs to the people, [and parks make] for the enrichment of the lives of all of us.”  

Whatever your beliefs, please VOTE on November 8th.  It's our civic duty and what a privilege it is as well. 


Beaver Nelson is back from touring and playing a hometown Austin show with his band on November 4 @ Strange Brew.   To get you ready for the show, here's a Facebook video of Beaver playing a few songs on the streets of New York City during his last tour, enjoy:


Raina Rose has a Daytrotter session coming out on November 10th.   Watch all of her socials on the 10th for more information and direct links to view and listen.  Hooray Raina!!  

Tour/gig highlights this month:  David Berkeley is touring with his Son Of Town Hall project this month, dates can be found on his web site.  Curtis McMurtry and BettySoo are playing the Texas Book Festival the first weekend of November.  Matt The Electrician will be touring with Lucy Wainwright Roche on the east coast early November.  These and many more terrific shows listed below. 
For those who haven’t already heard on FB or Instagram, our sweet feline office assistant Satchmo passed away on October 24th.   We will miss him dearly.  

As always, thanks for reading, we hope to see you at some shows this month.  
xo Laura & The Roster 


ComboPlate Booking November Shows
Curtis McMurtry
Beaver Nelson

Fri. November 4 @ Strange Brew Lounge Side - Austin, TX
Sat. November 19 @ Sings Like Hell @ Lobero Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA 


Tues. November 1 @ Ray Benson Stage @ ABIA - Austin, TX
Sun. November 6 @ Texas Book Festival - Austin, TX
Mon. November 7 @ Joni Mitchell Bday Celebration @ The Kessler - Dallas, TX

Wed. November 9 @ House Concert - Lansdowne, PA
Thu. November 10 @ Lyric Hall - New Haven, CT
Fri. November 11 @ Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
Sun. November 13 @ House Concert - Bondsville, MA
Mon. November 14 @ Zella's Pizzeria - Baltimore, MD
Wed. November 16 @ Triumph Of The Spirit Awards @ The Kessler - Dallas, TX
Sat. November 18 @ Threadgill's North Lamar - Austin, TX
Sun. November 19 @ Pub Church @ Scholz Garten - Austin, TX
Sun. November 27 @ Stubb's BBQ @ Graceland Grocery - Austin, TX

Betty Soo
Matt The Electrician
Fri. November 4 @ Me & Thee Coffee House - Marblehead, MA
Sun. November 6 @ St. Lawrence Arts - Portland, ME
Mon. November 7 @ Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
Wed. November 9 @ The Saint - Asbury Park, NJ
Thu. November 10 @ Burlap & Bean - Newtown Square, PA

Fri. November 11 @ Austin East House Concerts - Hopewell, NJ
Sat. November 12 @ Stone Room Concerts - Falls Church, VA
Fri. November 18 @ Anderson Fair - Houston, TX
Sat. November 19 @ Concerts In The Woods - Fort Worth, TX


Sun. November 6 @ Pub Church @ Scholz Garten - Austin, TX
Thu. November 10 @ Annie's Cafe @ ABIA - Austin, TX
Thu. November 10 @ The Lemon Lounge - Austin, TX
Sun. November 13 @ The Saxon Pub - Austin, TX
Thu. November 17 @ Whole Foods Domain - Austin, TX
Sat. November 19 @ Lille Aeske - Boulder Creek, CA
Sun. November 20 @ Berkeley House Concerts - Berkeley, CA
Tue. November 22 @ Terrapin Crossroads - San Rafael, CA

Nels Andrews

Sat. November 19 @ Lille Aeske - Boulder Creek, CA
Sun. November 20 @ Berkeley House Concerts - Berkeley, CA

Nathan Hamilton

Sun. November 6 @ Soul Of A Musician @ Iron Cactus North - Austin, TX
Sat. November 12 @ Skylark Lounge @ EAST Studio Tour - Austin, TX 


Sat. November 5 @ Texas Book Festival - Austin, TX
Mon. November 7 @ Annie's Cafe @ ABIA - Austin, TX
Sun. November 13 @ Pub Church @ Scholz Garten - Austin, TX

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